Haley Hester 11/21/2017

I coded for about 45 minutes today until I ran four studies.  Most of the studies went well, except that someone had accidentally placed the NSF consent forms into the Mars Mission Study clipboards, so I switched them and caught the mistake before the participants filled out the incorrect forms.  I really enjoy the Mars Mission Study!  I watched some videos for Wan and I gave him my feedback on them and what emotions they elicited in me.  I also restarted all of the computers in our area for my weekly coding task.  I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving break!  We sure do have a lot to be thankful for!

Total Hours for Today:  5

Total Hours for the Week:  5

Total Hours for the Semester:  75

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Cienna Hancock 11/20/17-11/21/17

Monday I was in the lab from 11-1. Today I was in the lab from 2-5. I ran one Mars study and two NSFs. One of my participants in the Mars study was extremely talkative and I had to tell him to stop talking during the study. He returned for my last NSF study, which was a bit awkward because I think he was annoyed. I hope everyone has a great break!

Hours Today: 3

Hours This Week: 5

Total Hours: 74

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Stephanie Espinal 11/21/17

Today I was in lab from 11:30-3pm. All my participants showed up except for 1, therefore, I wasn’t able to run one of two frequency studies. Happy thanksgiving!! 🙂


Hours today – 3.5

Hours this week – 3.5

Hours this semester – 74.5

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Carolina Jimenez 11/21/17

Today I had two participants in the frequency protocol and two in the mars study because one didn’t show up. Everything went well and I hope everyone has a good thanksgiving break!

Hours today – 3

Hours this week – 5

Hours this semester – 83

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Cameron McCann 11/21/2017

Today I was in lab from 8 AM to 12 PM. I ran the NSF study twice and the Mars study twice. Both of my participants showed up for the NSF study and everything went well. I had one no-show for the first Mars study. Also, one of the participants asked the other, “do we stay seated when we finish?” I noticed the other participant shortly after submitted their work and started the survey. I don’t know if this is due to the others comment or not. Besides that everything went well today.

Hours today: 4 hrs

Hours this week: 4hrs

Total hours: 90.5 hrs

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Mariana Vazquez 11/20/2017

Today I was in lab from 4:00-6:00PM. The first study went well and smoothly. In the second study, the participant finished the first survey and went to the internet. I went in and told the participant to stay on the survey page after finishing a task. Besides that, studies went well, participants started and finished on time.

Hours today: 2

Hours this week:2

Hours this semester: 30

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Hadiya Mahmood 11/20/17

Today I was in lab from 8 – 12, and from 1 – 4. I ran 3 NSF participants that all went well, and 4 MARS studies.

Hours today: 7

Hours this week: 7

Hours this semester: 80

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Erin Cloud 11/20/17

Today I was the associate for NSF from 10:00 to 2:00 and 4:00 to 6:00.

Makeup Hours: 6

Hours this Semester: 72

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Carolina Jimenez 11/20/17

Hey everyone! A couple of us got our rings this past Friday, including me, whoop! So congratulations to those of you! On Thursday I was not able to come in because I got really sick and I just wanted to get better for ring day. I will not have to make up those hours due to the hours I did in the summer. Today my 8 am participant was a no-show. My 9 am participants showed up and completed the Mars study and it ran smoothly.

Hours today – 2

Hours this week – 2

Hours this semester – 80

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Sydney Stevens 11/17/2017

Today, I came into lab from 2:30-5:00 because I had a ring ceremony to go to so Zari covered my first half hour. I had a couple hours saved up so I used one of those; in other words, I do not need to make up the time I missed. I worked on coding tasks for the first thirty minutes. Now each protocol has the specification to CALL PARTICIPANTS BY THEIR FIRST AND LAST NAMES as this is more professional. I then ran two participants at 3:00 and at 4:00. The first participant went well except for the fact that she was unable to finish all the pre-screening questions in the allotted three minutes. She also was unable to finish the final two questions from the second survey due to time constraints. The next participant ran smoothly. I finished up lab by completing my coding tasks of counting consent forms for both the Mars Mission study and the NSF study and restarting all computers. Overall, lab went well today.

Hours Today: 2.5

Total Hours This Week: 7.5

Total Hours This Semester: 71.5

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