Haley Hester 03/08/2018

Hello everybody!  Unfortunately no one signed up for my Mars studies today, so I coded.  Zari was in a meeting for a few hours, so I updated my CV and resume to bring to our lab meeting in few weeks for the career workshop day.  I also researched more articles to add to my 491 paper while I awaited the next coding tasks.  In addition, I restarted all of the computers in our area.  Have a fantastic Spring Break and I look forward with you all in the lab once we return!


Total Hours for Today:  3

Total Hours for the Week:  3

Total Hours for the Semester:  47

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Sydney Stevens 3/8/2018

Today, Zari let me start my hours early so I was in lab from 11:00am-3:00pm. I helped Wan copy new questions into the updated Love studies on qualitrics. He is trying to make his questions about religion more specific so I copied the questions from the election study into each condition. Then, I helped him look up different measures for measuring attitudes toward sex. I found six articles that had potential scales for measuring this construct and sent them to Wan. I also updated the consent form sheet; we only ran one participant this week for Mars since we are paused on Love. I then met with Ken for about an hour to discuss the protocol for the next phase of Meta-Analysis. We are going to be coding the procedures and measures for each article. Overall, lab was very productive today!


Hours Today: 4

Total Hours This Week: 7

Total Hours This Semester: 51.5

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Cameron McCann 3/8/2018

Yesterday and today I used my extra lab hours so that I could work on paper for one of my classes. I stayed in the lab yesterday during my regular lab time, 11:00 A.M. to 2:30 P.M., so that if anyone signed up for Mars at the last minute I could run it.

Hours today: 0 hrs

Hours this week: 0 hrs

Hours this semester: 54.5 hrs


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Hadiya Mahmood 3/7/18

Today I was in lab from 12:30-2:30. Since Love is paused and no one signed up for Mars, I asked Zari if I could start my coding tasks an hour early. For my coding task, I continued to work on the Replication Meta. I am getting the final coding sheet ready for SPSS by resolving discrepancies in variables between the coders, and creating a single column with the combined data.

Hours today: 2

Hours this week: 2

Hours this semester: 80.5

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Kristen Akin 3/7/2018

This morning I was in lab from 8-11:30. During that time I reviewed the directions for searching and coding articles for the Replication Meta-Analysis. I also reviewed the excel sheets for the coding of articles over Replication Experiments. I began looking up articles from 2016-2017 on psycinfo and adding them to the excel sheet that consisted primarily of basic information about each article (Author, date, title, etc.). I also made a new folder in lenchfiles for downloaded PDF’s of each article, so these articles will be easier to access in the future. There were no participants signed up for my MARS time slots, so I worked on this project for the majority of my time in lab.


Total Hours for Today: 3.5

Total Hours for the week: 7

Total Hours for the Semester: 49

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Sydney Stevens 3/6/2018

Today I came into lab from 12:00pm-3:00pm. There was no one signed up for Mars so I did not have a participant to run during my last hour. We are stopped with Awe-Meta right now so I worked on coding tasks during my lab hours. I shredded the papers that needed to be shredded and printed off lab documents I need. The first document I printed was my article that I will be reading and using for my essay/end of semester presentation; the original article I found was not available so I found a different article on the Genetics of Childhood-Onset Schizophrenia. Then, I printed the article that we will be discussing in lab on April 2. Overall, lab went well today.


Hours Today: 3

Total Hours This Week: 3

Total Hours This Semester: 47.5

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Carlos Aleman 03/06/2018

Today I was in lab for three hours. During my time I worked on my independent project methods section. Specifically, writing all of the items I will include in the study so that I may email them to Zari to double check that they are measuring what I think they are measuring. The items in sum measure for parents’ educational achievement, student’s expectations on exam performance, importance of the exam to students and scaling depression after the exam has been taken. I feel as though there are links across these items and am interested in taking a look at them. It was a great day in lab.

Hours today: 3

Hours this week: 7

Hours this semester: 49

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Brittany Grimshaw 3/6/2018

Today Zari allowed me to move up my coding hours from 2-5pm to 10:30-1:30pm, because I have to leave town for a job interview. During my coding hours I continued to work on the document concerning personality test analysis. Today I focused on the dynamic personality test, personality tests concerning color, and finding scholarly articles that discuss the validity and reliability of personality tests. I also began researching topics for my presentation.

Total Hours for the Week: 9

Total Hours for Today: 3

Total Hours for the Semester: 52.5

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Carolina Jimenez 3/6/18

In lab today, I did my coding task of searching for the number of emergency room visits in College Station, TX from 3/1/2017 to 3/5/2017. The best source I could find for this information is from the Texas Emergency Department Data. I think we have to request the data we are looking for from them and there is a possibility that there is a fee for this. The Texas Health Data query system allows users to create customized statistical reports by querying vital records and other health related databases.

Hours today: 3

Hours this week: 7

Hours this semester: 35


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Kristen Akin 3/6/2018

Today I was in lab from 8-11:30 am. During that time I looked for articles on psycinfo about the effects of solitary confinement on prisoners. This is for my presentation at the end of the semester where I am attempting to find literature on the connection between solitary confinement and future behavior of inmates. There were no participants signed up for my MARS hours today, so I did not run that study.


Total Hours for Today: 3.5

Total Hours for the week: 3.5

Total Hours for the Semester: 45.5

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