Haley Hester 12/05/2017

Posted in RA Communication at 03:44 by Haley Hester

I just noticed that unfortunately my last post did not go through 🙁  So here it is again!  I did one NSF study today as well multiple love studies.  Most of my participants showed up for the love studies; I only had one no-show.  One participant during my love study said that they were uncomfortable and left during the video at the beginning.  All of the other love studies went smoothly though.  In addition, I attempted to contact some lab alumni members for the first time and re-contacted some others for the second time.  I was also trained by Cienna for my coding task that I will be performing in between semesters over the winter break to get some more extra hours in for a lighter load in the Spring.  I hope everyone is enjoying their break!


Total Hours for Today:  5

Total Hours for the Week:  5

Total Hours for the Semester:  91

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