Cameron McCann 1/31/18

Posted in RA Communication at 02:44 by cameron_mccann

I was in lab today from 11 A.M. to 2:30 P.M. For the first 30 minutes I reviewed the Mars protocol and set up the computers for the experiment. I ran three sessions with all the participants showing up for each session. After debriefing the students in the first session, two of them—who were in the requirements allocation condition—mentioned that they intentionally lowered their robustness scores after getting 100% robustness to get closer to the score mentioned in the instructions. I mentioned this to Wan and typed an email for him to look at and address. Besides this, a couple of participants talked during the experiment, which i made note of.


hours today: 3.5 hrs

hours this week: 3.5 hrs

hours this semester: 13 hrs

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