Haley Hester 04/30/2018

Posted in RA Communication at 03:34 by Haley Hester

Last day in lab!  It is bittersweet!  I ran three love studies, the rest were no-shows or no sign-ups.  Luckily, we were able to hit exactly 100 participants for Love!  I came to lab early to print out my notes for my presentation and get things set-up for Love.  I coded during the time I was not running.  I worked on Replication Meta-Analysis.  I also learned how to zip data folders for both BART and MediaLab for Wan and I emailed them to him, but that did not work because the data was too great, so I added it in the GoogleDrive for him.  I restarted all of the computers in our area.  This is my last day in lab ever and I am sad to go, yet excited for what my future holds!  Good luck to everyone in your future endeavors and I have deeply enjoyed working in lab with you and learning many things from Dr. Lench!


Total Hours for Today:  4.5

Total Hours for the Week:  4.5

Total Hours for the Semester:  83.75

Total Hours for This Semester and Roll-Over Hours from Last Semester Combined:  97.25

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