Kristen Akin 7/10/18

Posted in RA Communication at 11:44 by Kristen Akin

Today is the first day for my summer session II 491 class. The summer session started last Tuesday but I did not come to lab, so I will be making up those seven hours throughout the semester. Last Friday I met with Sam who worked on the Replication Meta-Analysis during the first summer session. She updated me on what she has done for the meta-analysis, which is make a list for all the studies she thought could be a replication using the article search instructions in the Google Drive. She also informed me that we are only coding for 2016-2017 and we are not doing the complex coding for right now. I completed a few articles today while I was here from 10-1, but I also skipped some that I had questions on. One article was a replication but did not involve participants and the other I believe was a replication but I could not find the exact study it was replicating. I also went over my schedule for next semester with Zari.


Total hours today: 3

Total hours this week: 3

Total hours this semester: 3

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