Kristen Akin 7/23/2018

Posted in RA Communication at 10:40 by Kristen Akin

I worked on Replication Meta-Analysis from 9-12 today. I was supposed to work for 3 hours on Friday, but my mom had car trouble and so she had to use my car. I added a few more replication articles to the excel sheet. I also realized that some of the articles we had flagged as corrections were in the list twice, but one was the actual article and one was only the correction and both were rejected as only corrections. So I went back and rejected only the corrections and began coding the actual articles. I also added one folder to the PDFs 2005-2015 that is labeled as Found Looking for 2016-2017, because it was a replication article I found through a correction but not from 2016-2017. So to keep the articles separate I added another folder in the PDFs 2005-2015 folder and added the PDF there. I also began highlighting articles that I have questions on and will probably need to ultimately bring to Dr. Lench in purple on the word document with the articles that Sam pulled in Summer Session I.


Total hours today: 3

Total hours this week: 3

Total hours this semester: 18

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