Kristen Akin 7/24/2018

Posted in RA Communication at 09:57 by Kristen Akin

Today I worked on the Replication Meta-Analysis from 10-12 and then from 3:30-4:30. I finished going through the list of articles that Sam had put together on the google doc and have 4 or 5 questions left before I can finish the list completely. I put together a word document that includes questions I have about some articles on the list and it also includes a list of updates for what I’ve done on this Meta-Analysis. I messaged Wan to see if he and I could get some initial questions out of the way, and will e-mail Dr. Lench tomorrow to set up a time to ask her questions about the project.


Total hours today: 3

Total hours this week: 6

Total hours this semester: 21

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