Kristen Akin 7/31/2018

Posted in RA Communication at 11:40 by Kristen Akin

I worked on the Replication Meta-Analysis from 10-1 today and went back through the articles that were conceptual and partial replications. I highlighted in the articles where it stated the replication was partial and conceptual and saved them in a folder I made that is named “PDFs of Partial/Conceptual Replications with Highlighting”. I need to go over one more article tomorrow and then we should be ready to proceed with the Replication Meta-Analysis. Last week I went over some questions with Wan for a couple hours and we decided that we had two questions to bring to Dr. Lench. We wanted to know if we should include a multi-lab study and whether Sam and I needed to go back over each other’s work. She said to put the multi-lab study aside for right now and we can come back to it. Dr. Lench also said that Sam and I don’t need to go back over each other’s work in this initial process of excluding articles that don’t fit the criteria.


Total hours today: 3

Total hours this week: 3

Total hours this semester: 26.5

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