Kristen Akin 8/7/2018

Posted in RA Communication at 09:40 by Kristen Akin

I worked on the Replication Meta-Analysis from 8-10:30 this morning to finish my hours for the summer II 495 credit. I have my final 2 or 3 questions that I need to go over with Wan, and I added a few PDFs to the PDF folder that were missing. A couple articles added at the very beginning of the Meta-Analysis are just commentary, so I would like to know if I need to reject these. Also there is a PDF for an article that I can’t find, so I can’t add this to the PDF folder. Other than these questions, the Replication Meta-Analysis should be ready for complex coding in the fall.

Total hours today: 2.5

Total hours this week: 4.5

Total hours this semester: 35

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