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hello all,

After six years of website hosting with ipowerweb.com recent developments have discouraged me from continuing with them. I have been researching different companies for the last two months and have decided to go with dreamhost.com for a couple of reasons. First and what I believe to be the most important is they are carbon neutral. DreamHost purchases Renewable Energy Credits and invests in Emission Reduction Credits (certificate). The proceeds of these credit purchases are then put toward funding further emission reduction and renewable energy projects. Second, the company approaches the business differently and I believe that it will lead to better load times and a more reliable website. Third, they are actually cheaper and offer more features, some of which will better fit our future plans.

I am working hard to minimize the impact you will feel and see during the transition but I will ask Heather to put a log book in the lab for now and I will ask you to fill out in addition to the blog for the time being (should only be a week). This impact, I hope, will be less than what has been happening lately with the current company.

Although we are not on the new hosting yet, I have purchased the space and I am in the process of moving the files and databases over.

Thanks for your patience,


this site is soon to be a


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