3/26.3/27.3/28- Niki

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Tuesday: Ran participants for cheesecake until 2:00. Just thought I should point out that my shoes are a little noisy today so that’s why there’s a little bit of jingling in the videos from today… maybe that’s why my first participant stood me up today…. A girl named Beatrice may be afraid of jingling because it reminds her of a horrible childhood experience involving jingle bells and Christmas gnomes… (2 hours) And then I began looking up articles for Shane’s meta-analysis for the words “new experience”. (3 hours)

Wednesday: Lab meeting as usual. (1 hour)

Thursday: I decided to make up one of my hours from a few weeks ago, so I came in a little early (11:00) and worked on more articles for Shane’s meta-analysis. He said we have a new coding project brewing…pretty pumped about that. (3 hours)

Total hours: 9 hours

Happy Easter, y’all!

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