Anna Clark 11/12/15

Howdy!  Today I ran one participant through the Ski Function study.  Then I coded for two hours and fifteen minutes.

Note*:  Make sure you initial next to the participant number that you used.  There were no initials, so a participant number was reused.

Today: 3 hours

This week: 7 hours

Make-up hours out of 3.5: 1 hour and 55 minutes.

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To All

It is extremely important that you be aware of your fellow students in the lab. If you are coding or running a study be aware of how many copies are left. If we are running low, that is the time to let someone know. The best response is to walk by my office (call first if you want) and bring the form to make copies. The next best is to email both the Lab Manager and I to let us know. I am often in the building and can make copies immediately. The third best response is to call or text message. There is no reason that someone should not be able to code or that we should be getting phone calls or text messages at 8 am or earlier informing us that we’re out of copies. Also, everyone was trained to do two things during coding times in the lab. If you are not able to work on one for any reason, you should work on the other.

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