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while the cat’s away?

Hey guys, I was thinking that we should meet while Heather’s gone, even if we don’t bring in another grad student but we can just make sure that everything is going okay with coding and running. We can also help each other with any problems we’re having whether it be with lab stuff or personal research projects. Plus I just like seeing everyone. I’ll bring cake 🙂

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Hi, Labbies.

I think everybody knows I’m technologically incompetent, so I hope this actually works. Just trying it out. I’ll have to get back to the insurmountable quantity of studying I have to do right away, but here are just a few thoughts for us–the collective stress pot.

Yes, we’re all horrifically stressed right now. Midterms. Graduate school. Questions about what in the name of all that is good we’re going to do with our little lives when our schooling is over. But I believe there are some things we can know will turn out OK.

We’re ambitious. We’re people who work hard, who aim to acheive higher standards than many people aim to accomplish. We’re people who want to improve the lives of others. People who want to discover something new. People who want to learn more and do more than most others. We’re intelligent. We’re decent people who are kind to others, thoughtful, considerate, moral. I know that all of you are wonderful people with ample potential to accomplish great things. The point is this: in this life, you will make it somewhere good. You will be more than a lot of people can even hope to become. You’re smart, decent people who will become something of which you can be proud (which is not to say, of course, that you are not already people worthy of self-praise, since you of course are). I promise. I also promise that this will not be followed by a hand-holding circle nor the word, “Kumbaya.”

All done. Now I’ve officially tested the posting option. Let’s see if there are any computer explosions anywhere.

Cheers and Leprechauns,


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Grad School Day

Hello everyone!!! So, does anyone want to go through ring road with me on Monday through the Grad School fair. It is from 10am- 2pm. I’m sure you all got this via email…but here’s the description: 148 graduate and professional programs will be here to recruit you! This is your chance to speak to representatives about applying, admissions, or to just collecting more information. If you are interested in: law, business, medicine, social welfare, art, chiropractic, global affairs, education, psychology economics, sport management, public health, nursing, engineering, social ecology, and more, then the Grad School Day is the place to be! View a live list of registered schools and programs at www.career.uci.edu. Let me know if you would like to walk check it out with me. Have a good weekend!!

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