Erica’s Lab


Jeez 3 in a row.  Did everyone else just disappear?

I typed and coded 10 narratives into notepad during my lab today.  Also, Dr. L, (what would you prefer that we call you? I’ve been meaning to ask you) I guess I forgot to copy the old data that’s in excel from the flash drive so whenever you aren’t using it maybe I could steal it from you so I can make sure I’m not typing in narratives that have already been done.

I didn’t end up going to FL 🙁 but I might be next weekend…
Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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Erica’s Lab


We had our lab meeting and then I typed and coded 6 (looong) narratives!

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Erica’s Lab


Today I typed 9 emotional narratives into notepad.  That’s about it! 🙂

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Megan’s Lab

9-10 Am Sept. 26

I finally finished the coding today! Woo hoo! It’s all done!

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Regina’s Lab


I finally got registered!! So, here I am to post and say what lab was like today. I coded the rest of #384-#389. I also started master coding, and did #327-#331.

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Erica and LIWC

You can organize as you see fit – it all needs to be done. LIWC will hopefully be coming soon…

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Erica’s Lab


So…I’m not sure if the blogging is supposed to start as of today…but I figured, why not?! 

Today I decided to continue typing/coding narratives into notepad because I realized if I start to put my already typed ones into SPSS, I’ll just have to go back later and find those numbers to input the rest of the information from LWIC.  So is it ok if I just keep working on that until we get LWIC installed?  It just makes more sense to me. 🙂 

I also need to make sure that I remember to go back and change any possibly changed Ss numbers on the hard copies that have already been typed!

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