Megan’s Lab

Exp. ran well, only had one not show the whole day, so that was pretty exciting. We are running low on debriefing questions and a tad low on personality quest.  but there should be enough for tomorrow.  Thanks!

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Erica’s Lab

So…today I realized where all of my typed narratives that I was missing had disappeared to!  I feel really dumb now, and I guess I won’t be needing your help Tina, but at least I found them!

Also, Dr. L, I had a little issue today: I was typing a narrative with the subject number 16, and thought that I had already typed up a few 16’s so I went back to check and it turned out that I had one of each emotion but also 2 “happy” emotions.  Sooo…what should I do about that? : /

Also, thanks for the experimental credit copies so last minute on Monday! 🙂

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Lab Time

I’ve been asked if you can bring something to do while the studies are being run. The answer is – absolutely. You can bring books or papers to work on while running the studies (I wouldn’t recommend computers because they tend to make noise). Just pay attention to the participants and don’t bring anything emotionally evocative (I’m not sure what this could be – something with really evocative pictures or incredibly controversial materials?).

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Megan’s Lab

Hello! Today I coded 309-313! Going well! I ran the new exp. today, all went well! Everyone showed up, so that was really nice! Thanks so much!

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Tina’s Lab

Hey! I finally figured out my password to this thing haha. I started the new experiment today, it went well! its a lot longer than the car experiment though. It takes up the full 30min. but it was fun none the less!

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Megan’s Lab

We FINISHED! Woo hoo! The study is done. All studies went well! I coded this morning 306-308. We only have one personality quest. top page left.  So tomorrow they will definitely need more copies. Everything went well though! Thanks!

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Erica’s Lab

Just wanted to say thanks for all of your help in deciphering hand writing today!

Guess that’s it!

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Erica’s Lab

Well, I’m in the new lab space!  Not gonna lie…the needles are a little eerie, but I guess it just adds to the Halloween season!  I’m now typing narratives into word, and liking that a lot better.

Dr. L, I’ve gotten to a section of narratives that have a number on the front (i.e. 449) and a number at the top of question 2 (i.e. 34)…do you know which of these would be the correct Ss number?  I’m assuming it’s the one on the front but they all started appearing at the bottom left corner suddenly.

See you guys at the meeting!

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Regina’s Lab


I got to mastercode subjects #349 and #350 today! The joys of Mr. Magneto man certainly makes for a long session of coding. However, it was successful nonetheless. See you guys at the meeting tomorrow!

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Megan’s Lab

Today I coded 303- middle 306! I ran two experiments. Thanks for doing copies!

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