Erica’s Lab

Oops I forgot to blog on Wednesday…BUT I finished all of the AIM coding up on Wednesday and today!  It’s done!  Also, I entered in group 3’s demographics of the narrative data.   I’ll be in here Monday in between classes so I think I might just go ahead and try to finish up entering the demographics data for groups 1 and 2 so that all of that will be done too.  It’s been such a great semester…I hope everyone has a good break!

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Tina’s Coding

I got a lot of coding done for the subliminal study on SPSS today! Regina – I filled in the gaps you asked for and started from subject one after that . Hope everyone is having a great week!

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Megan’s Lab

Finished the Exp. Woo hoo! I will email you everything that has been completed! Thanks for lunch!

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Megan’s Lab

Hey! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Today I coded 336-341! I ran two exp. and had two ppl total not show up.  I only need 12 more part. to finish up the study! Woo hoo! So Wed. the study should be done.  On the personality quest. I just entered study #1 for all! Thanks!

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Megan’s Lab

Hello! Today I coded 330-335! I should finish them up next week! Woo hoo! Have a Fabulous Thanksgiving!

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Erica’s Lab

I did a little work on typing in more demographics today then Tina came in a showed me how to code the AIM conversations so I worked on that for the rest of the time.  I was pretty slow starting out but I got 3 done!  Hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving!  (And thanks Tina for helping me out!)

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Tinas Coding

Came in early to get a head start on coding! Got a lot done and ill be back later! 🙂

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Regina’s Lab

Hey hey all! I’m posting this a day late, but no matter. Everything went very well yesterday during the gambling study. However we are running low on a couple things. Another sign in sheet would be good, we need more “hand #1-5” sheets, and some more debriefing question sheets. Might as well get some more demographic sheets, too. That is it! Have a great weekend everyone!

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Tina’s Coding

I coded data for the subliminal images experiment on SPSS today and got a lot done!

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Megan’s Lab

Hello! This morning I coded 2 and 1/2! I only have 2 more coding sheets left, so I will definitely need some for Monday.  I also do not have anymore briefing quest. The rest of the studies ran perfect, no computer problems at all! Thanks for fixing it.  I just had a question I forgot to ask you, how many more times we will be running studies? Does it end on that last Wed. that we have our lunch or something? Thanks so much! Thank you for my letters, I greatly appreciate it!

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