shelby’s lab


today i ran experiments from 1 to 2. three people didn’t show up for the experiment, but other than that everything went well!

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Tina’s Lab

I ran the gambling study today from 11 to 1pm. It went well, all of the participants showed up. It was a good day!



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Misha’s Coding

Today I coded from 8-9.  I got through about 1 1/4 conversations.  They really do take a long time!  Hopefully, I will get the hang of it soon.

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Misha’s Lab

All of my participants showed up today!  Two of them were sick, so hopefully I didn’t catch the flu! I hate it when freshmen get sick.  Lab went pretty smooth today. I finished at least five minutes early on all of them. Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!

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shelby’s lab

i forgot to blog yesterday (oops!) but i did coding from 11:15 to 1:15 – i was only able to code one aim conversation, #350, because it was so long…

today i ran experiments from 1 to 2. everything went well and there were only about one or two small interruptions. also, none of my subjects have taken any tabs from the white car sign outside 🙁 maybe next time!

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Tina’s Coding


I coded from 11-2pm today and I got through almost 5 more studies. I am still working on finding a little more information for some of them. It went well, although there are a few i’m not quite sure how I will be able to get the materials they used. But at least now I know PsycInfo database like the back of my hand .




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Misha’s coding

I  just now realized that I called yesterday coding when I was really doing experiments.  Today I coded the AIM experiment.  It took forever to do one!  But, now I think I have the hang of it.  Hopefully, it will go a lot quicker Thursday.

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Misha’s Coding

So, I think that my username and password is finally fixed.  My lab today was pretty good.  It’s starting to become more natural.  I made sure I sat down during the experiment, instead of standing up the whole time.  My last participant didn’t show up.

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jenny’s lab


In the lab today from 1-5. For the first part of my time Jamie and I looked over meta analysis and how to code the journal articles. After that I worked on finding sites that cater to parents. I sent out e-mails regarding the survey and I’m hoping to hear back from some of them soon. A lot of sites didn’t give out private e-mail addresses so I just sent an inquiry through the site itself.

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