26 June 2008

I was here from 1145 to 1245. I checked the email and found a message from the babycenter.com moderator. She gave me instructions to follow to gain post access. I followed her instrcutions and our advertisement should be posted on the webstie for the next 30 days. The other computer with the IM spread sheet was in use therefore was unable to continue with data entry.


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25 June 2008

Back in the lab today 🙂 . I went through the various forums to see if anyone has replied or asked questions about our posts. I then completed some data entry. I am now up to subject 312. Was here from 1130am to 130pm.

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19 June & 20 June 2008


Yesterday, I was here from 1130am to 130pm entering data.  Today I was here from 1pm to 3pm entering data.  I am up to subject 307. 

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18 June 2008


Was here from 1130am to 130pm.  Entered data for subjects 283-294. 

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17 June 2008


From 12pm to 2pm, I checked the blog/forum advertisements I posted yesterday and late last week.  I then input data for subjects 270-283. 

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Coding 6/12/08

Last Thursday I coded from 10 to 2. I worked on checking the lengh of each conversation.

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16 June 2008


Went to all the website I had previously posted our advertisement for the survey to see if there was any response or messages sent to the account created.  Some had messages about posting the same message on more than one board but permitted to have one post as long as we removed the others (as to avoid solicitation).  Since I did not receive any messages back from moderators on other websites (sent Thursday morning), I went ahead and posted our ad on some forums anyways.  If this is not okay, they can and  will remove them.  Number of survey participants is increasing! Yay!  Was here from 11:00am to 1:00pm

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12 June 2008


Was in the lab from 11:30am to 1:15pm.  Contacted folks from the forum site that emailed Dr. Lench about our post.  I found some other websites that might be a good resource (todaysparent.com, imperfectparent.com, forums.parenthood.com, and parentbloggers.com) .  I contacted moderators and posted our advertisement on forums. 

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6/11/08 Coding hours


So yesterday I cleaned the office in Peterson from 8 to 2, and it is pretty much finished.

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11 June 2008


Went back to the topics I started with concerning the survey–there were no response but the survey complete number is rising.  Also searched for otherwebsites that provide discussions about parenting.  Post  to the blog.   Was here from 1130am to 1:00 pm. 

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