running studies-whitney

I ran studies today, everything went well. I also tried to do some meta-analysis but the a&m library website is down so I did some emotion elicitation coding for an hour and am going to take some articles home and work on them this weekend. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

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Misha’s Coding/Experiments

Today I coded data from 8-9. I spent the first ten minutes meeting with my advisor so I could remove my block on my classes. The remaining time I organized the room. It was a little confusing becausing someone forgot to cross off numbers, but I figured out everything before my experiments.
I ran experiments from 10:30-12. I was really excited because I actually had a full group at 10:30, but only two people showed up. I had two people in my 11 and only one in my 11:30. I just finished number 466. It seems like more people sign up on Fridays than any other day of the week…weird…

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Christy’s lab 10/31

Ran lab from 9-10 today and actually had participants!! Yay! All went well!

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jenny’s coding

In the lab from 11:00-12:30. We finished one of Ian’s studies!! I printed out the Castro (Ian’s) and put it up so everybody get to working on it!! I am continuing to work on Kring’s videos. They are tough to find.

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Kim: coding

From 11:30am-12:30pm, I worked in Dr. Lench’s office to make up hours.  During my regular coding time (3pm until 7pm), I completed several emotion elicitation sheets and entered data.

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Misha’s Coding/Experiments

I forgot to blog yesterday, again. Yesterday I coded data from 8-9. I finished the emotion elicitation things which were posted. I ran experiments at 10:30 and asked Kelli to run by 11:00, due to an appointment. Today I did not code data because Tina informed me that I am way ahead of my coding hours. But, I did make copies and organize the room. I ran Kelli’s experiment at 11:30 since she covered for me yesterday, and I also ran my own experiments from 2-3. All, but one, showed up. I only had one problem participant, who wanted the world to know that he did not want to be there.

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jenny’s coding

In the lab from 11:30-2:30. Worked on Kring study a lot today. Had tough time finding some of the videos, we may have to order them from net flix. Finished 2 more studies today!

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Hey everyone, i am running today from 10-12, but i dont have any one signed up until 11 🙁 hope everyone has a great day!

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Lab and Coding 10/29/08

I had lab from 9-10, but no participants so I coded and did emotion elicitation.

I also coded on wednesday from 130-300.

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Kim: coding

Coded more gambling study subjects from 9:10-10:10am.  All went well!

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