Site upgrade and merry x-mas

site is on the latest WordPress version now, it looks a bit different but nothing huge.

Don’t forget about the spell checker and the “kitchen sink” in the toolbar.

Happy holidays!

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Kim: coding

I finished up my last hour of coding by completing several emotion elicitations from 11:45am-12:45pm!  It was wonderful to meet and work with all of you this semester; have a lovely winter break and take care!

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Last of coding

I coded today between studying for my last final. I did two hours and finished the meta-analysis articles. So I am all done! See you next semester. All the meta analysis articles are in the white filing cabinet, top drawer, in the back.

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Wednesday coding

Hi all,

I spent the afternoon after our wonderful lunch together (1:30 – 4 pm) working on the emotion elic. stuff.  Continued to summerize and do write ups on the actual elicitations themselves.  I will be in the lab again tomorrow, probably for most of the day!



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Hi All,

I’ve been coding from 12 to 2 this afternoon working on emotion elic. stuff.  I was wondering if someone could get some more copies of the emotion forms so I can finish the youtube videos and such.

I’ll be here again tomorrow!


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I coded from 10-1045 today. i did emotion elicit.  I have to do two more hours, and then all will be finished. I’ll do the hours on friday of this week.

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