I’m sorry….

I know that I am incredibly horrible when it comes to blogging . However my lack of blogging does not mean that I have not been doing all my hours because I have. I tried to get into psychinfo but the account has been disabled. This summer/next semester I’m going to be much better about this.

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Lab hours

Umm…yeah. I forgot to log hours for the last week of regular classes.
I ran the math study with Kelli on Monday and that was pretty much it. Whitney and I talked about the meta analysis, and I finished up my articles, but I had no more study to run, and wasn’t sure what to do.

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Lab hours 5/1

Yay, its May! I had lab hours from 10-12 today. Everything went well. Its been a great semester, y’all! Have a great summer and congrats to Christy and Kelli on your upcoming graduation! Have a great summer!

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Misha’s Coding

Today I did lab stuff from 8-9. I made copies of credit slips for Shane’s study and also a couple of emotion elicitations (they were very long!!!!).

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