Ashley’s Run/Code time (09.30.09)

Today I ran the gambling study from 1130-1230 which wasn’t so easy going because some of the computers stopped working so I had to start some on the experiment and some on the questionnaire first. Then of course had 2 participants who started without my instructions which put them further than the others. On the bright side, I came to the Peterson bldg to code the audio files from 1230-130 which was okay.

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Ashley’s make-up code time…(09.24.09)

Last Thursday, I made up one hour of run time by coding the audio files for the gambling study from 1040-1140. One more hour of catch up time to complete this week!

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Ashley’s Run/code time…(09.23.09)

Last Wednesday, I got back on track with the gambling experiment and completed one hour from 1130-1230. Then, I coded audio files from the gambling study in the psych lab from 1230-130. And lastly, I completed 2 hours of the math experiment with Jessica from 3-4 then 4-5.

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Ashley’s Run Time (09.28.09)

Today, I completed 2 hours of the gambling study from 1130-130. Overall, it went well but 2 of my participants didn’t show and the one’s that did show were very impatient…go figure!

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Ashley’s Coding (09.22.09)

Today (Tuesday) for coding I was in Peterson filing papers for Dr. Lench. I was there for 1 hour from 10:50-11:50. After filing the 5th paper or so it was pretty boring, but I pulled through 🙂

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The math study last Wednesday with Ashley went well. We ran it twice from 3-4pm and 4-5pm. We made a small mistake with numbering papers which we’ll be more careful that it doesn’t happen again.

Friday I was schedule to code from 9-11am. However a Corps dilemma came up with a freshman and I had to handle that all morning. I plan on making up the hours this Tuesday.

Monday, this morning, I ran the friendship study twice, 9-10am and 10-11am. It went well though I had a total of three no shows.

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Ashley’s Coding (09.16.09)

Today I also was able to find the “missing” audio files for 55 and 56 while coding for the gambling study. I coded from 1230-130. Then, I had to run the math study with Jessica which went well for the first time. This run time was from 3-4 then again 4-5.

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Ashley’s Run Time(09.16.09)

Today I finally got on top of things with the gambling study. Things went a lot smoother than the first round and I was a lot more organized. I ran the study from 1130-1230 with 8 participants.

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Ashley’s Coding

Today (09.15.09) I coded for the gambling study for one hour from 1050-1150. I couldn’t find the audio files for participants 55 and 56 🙁 I completed #;s 57 and 58.

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Ashley’s First Run time

Yesterday (09.14.09), I performed my first run hours from 1130-130 for the gambling study. It was a little overwhelming at first but I remained calm. 🙂

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