Ashley’s Coding (10.13.09)

I began SPSS coding in the Peterson bldg for 1 hour from 1050-1150. I happen to like SPSS coding better than the audio files for the gambling study.

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Week of October 12th

Monday October 12th: I ran participants from 9-11am. Only 3 of the 7 total people who signed up, showed up. Sad day for them.

Wednesday October 14th: There was a lab scheduling conflict and I was not able to run from 1-3pm. The time conflict has been fixed however for the next week.

Friday October 16th: I coded articles from 1-3pm at my dorm since I already had all the documents there with me. I’m going to take the completed forms to the Peterson building on Monday.

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Ashley’s Run Time (10.12.09)

Yesterday, (Monday) I ran the gambling study for 2 hours from 1130-130. I’m noticing the further into the semester participants who signed up are becoming no-shows! 🙁

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Wednesday Oct 7th/Friday Oct 9th

Ashley and I ran the math study on Wednesday. One guy in the first session decided it would be ok to start listening to music in the middle of the experiment. When asked why he said he listens to music during tests as well and wasn’t told not to listen to music. I was frustrated. The second session went fine. That study is now over.

Today I went into the Peterson Lab to file papers. I organized a study from 2006. I want to organize the emotional elicitation papers as well but I’m not sure how they are supposed to be ordered. I’m going to but the same studies together and then finish it up when I get clarification next week.

After I work for another half hour, I’ll have my two hours of coding done for the week. I still need to make up six hours which I plan on completing in the new two weeks.

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Ashley’s Run/Coding (10.07.09)

Today, I ran the gambling experiment for one hour from 1130-1230 in the Psyc lab then I filed in the Peterson building for one hour from 1230-130.

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Ashley’s Coding (10.06.09)

Today I worked on the audio files for the gambling study. I did this for 1 hour from 1050-1150 in the Peterson building.

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Ashley’s Run Time (10.05.09)

Today I ran the gambling experiment for 2 hours from 1130-130. I had 4 participants not show and one participant kept asking me awkward questions! Hopefully Wednesday will be better 🙂

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Wednesday Sept 30th/Monday Oct 5th

Wednesday with the math study went well. Ashley and I ran it from 3-5pm. I made more copies before hand since this study requires a massive amount of paperwork.

This morning (Oct 5th) I ran the Friendship study from 9-11am. I had all four people show up for once which was nice.

I now have 6 coding hours to make up. Hopefully I will learn how to do the metaanalysis coding after the lab meeting today. I’m going to do 2 hours of coding Wednesday mornings to start to make up for my coding hours.

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