Jessica’s Thursday and Friday

Thursday 1/28: I spent my four hour block of time for running experiments doing meta-analysis. While I still understand some of the articles statistics, I’m going to have to review more during this semester. I didn’t have a large issue with it last semester. Possibly I’ve just been coding articles with harder statistics. Either way more learning wouldn’t hurt.

Friday 1/29: I completed my hour of meta-anaylsis and spent part of it discussing articles with Marta. One article (#25 I believe) I came across was completely miscoded and I will correct it on Monday.

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Kristen’s lab hours-1/27 & 1/29

On Wednesday I came into lab first from 8am-10am. During this time I finished finding all the articles for the meta-analysis…no more articles highlighted yellow!! Around 9 Jessica and Talya came in and we discussed any questions we had about coding articles. During the last couple of minutes I cut out all of the credit slips for the Moral Luck study. I came back into the lab from 1:50-2:50 and Talya and I ran through the Moral Luck study and created a “To-Do” list to complete before the experiment starts.

Friday I came in from 8-10am and basically just worked on coding articles that needed to be corrected. I am a little slow at this but I think as time goes on I’ll become much more comfortable with it.

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Talya’s Wednesday 1/27

Today I was at the lab from 9am-10am. I met Kristen and Jessica. I worked on coding articles. Jessica helped me figure out what to do for one of the articles.

I came back at 1:30pm. Kim was there and Kristen came soon after I got there. Kristen and I practiced running the Moral Luck experiment on each other. While we went through the procedures, we took note of preparations that need to be done before we start the experiment. We typed up a quick reference list with the  preparations and other notes about running the experiment. It’s in the protocol folder for the Moral Luck study. I hope it’ll be useful for everyone else. After we finished that, I worked again on coding articles. I am still a bit unsure about the reliability estimate part. I’m hoping that it won’t be too long before I feel more comfortable coding articles. I left a bit after 3:30pm.

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Olga’s Lab Hours – Jan. 27

Today I did lab hours from 10:30am-1:30pm. I did practice runs of the experiment with Marta and later Kim with her moral luck experiment. I also went through the forms to see which ones I would need next week. I completed all 7 hours of lab time this week.

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Kim’s Day in Lab

Today I came in to do Data Entry to remember that I finished all of it on Monday. So I looked at my list of to-do’s and saw that they were all done as well…So I folded the pamphlets for the Moral Luck lab and then I went through the processes of the Moral Luck lab. Soon after that Talya arrived and Kristen did too. We are all in the Moral Luck lab so we all ran through the lab again and made a check list for the Moral Luck RA’s. We saw that on some of the paragraphs in the Moral Luck program the timer switched the page to fast for us to read all of the material. It was just on the longer paragraphs and we only missed the last sentence or so. I was in lab today from 12-3 completing my 7 hours of lab time for the week.

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marta’s lab hours 1/27/10

Today, Olga and I practiced doing our experiment. We also helped Kim do a run through with her experiment. I corrected/added info to article 16.

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Monday 1/25: I worked on meta-analysis for an hour and looked up articles that the file was missing.

Wednesday 1/27: I worked on the meta-analysis and corrected #3 and #5. I also met Talya and Kristen and we helped each other when we had questions about articles. I am going to have to brush up on my statistics. I haven’t taken it in 2 years and it shows. So far it hasn’t been a problem but I don’t want it to be one in the future.

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Talya’s training and lab hours

Last Tuesday, Dr. Lench trained me to run the Moral Luck experiment from 10am-11am. On Friday, I went to the lab meeting at 12:30pm.

Today I was at the lab from 10am -12pm.  I went through the Moral Luck procedures and read through the instructions. I taped the sign Kim made up on the front door. Since there were no experiments to run, I worked on meta-analysis. I found articles and sent an email to Dr. Lench with the articles I couldn’t find online.

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Olga-Lab Hours Jan. 26

On Tuesday, January 26, I did lab hours from 1:00pm-5:00pm. The day was suppose to be for experiments, but since there was none this week, I did other things instead. I didn’t see any forms for data entry for me to work on so I filed the papers that was on top of the black filing cabinet. It was the pack of papers that needed to be filed in the 2nd drawer.  I left certain papers on top because I couldn’t find the folder’s name in the drawer. I also obtained some pens and tape from the main psychology office for the lab office. I also made more signs and taped them to the wall in the hallway for participants to see next week. Afterwards, I started to cut some of the slip forms and all of the moral luck debrief forms. I also tried to clean and organize the supply desk drawer since it was a mess.

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Kristen training and coding

On friday Amisha and Dr. Lench trained me on the running of the Moral Luck Study and coding for meta-analysis from 9-10am. I also attended the group meeting from 12:30-1:30.

On Monday I went in for coding hours from 1:50-2:50 and found and ordered missing articles.

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