Olga’s Coding 2/24/10

Today I coded data from 10:30am-1:30pm.

I finished the pack and only left the essays since I didn’t know what to do with them.

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Kristen Lab hours 2/19, 2/22, 2/24

2/19- Ran Moral luck study from 8-10am

2/22- worked on meta-analysis articles from 1:50-2:50

2/24- My Moral Luck study times were canceled from 8-10am due to the university closing for weather. I emailed all my participants to let them know. I also worked on meta-analysis from 2:40-3:40 finishing all the gray highlighted articles!

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kim’s coding

I went to Dr. Lench’s office to figure out how to code vignettes then I made copies and then I went to lab and did coding on the Moral Luck study. from 12-3.

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Olga’s Lab Hours 2/23/10

Today I ran labs from 1:00pm-5:00pm.  I didn’t have a lot of people today since hardly anybody signed up.

I only had one no-show.

I also finished the self/other study 2  SPSS program just in case we need it later.

Everything else went fine.

I noticed we are running low on forms, so I emailed Dr. Lench about it.

I also went to the lab meeting on Feb. 19.

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Talya’s Hours 2/16-19

On Tuesday 2/16, I met with Dr. Lench, Sarah, and Kim for an hour.

On Wednesday 2/17, I did meta-analysis from 9am to 10am.

On Thursday 2/18, I did meta-analysis again from 9am to 12 am. I also googled for about an hour and a half.

On Friday 2/19, I went to the lab meeting and stayed after for a bit to talk with Sarah and Kim.

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Marta lab hours 2/22/10

I came in this morning at 10:00am and will be coding meta until 12:30.  We will probably need more copies for the self/other study to finish the week. I’ll let someone know so we don’t have another problem!

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Marta’s day of coding meta 2/19/10

On Friday, 2/19/10, i coded meta from 10-12:30.

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Kristen lab hours Feb. 12, 15, 17

2/12- ran the Moral luck study from 8-10, with several no shows

2/15- coded meta-analysis articles from 1:50-2:50

2/17- ran study again from 8-10 with pretty much only one participant signed up for each slot then coded data from 1:50-2:50

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Olga’s data entry Feb. 17

Today I coded data from 10:30am-1:30pm.

I also made a new SPSS program for the new self/other study. I am not sure if I needed to make one or not. But I did just in case. It can easily be erased if it is not needed.

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2/17 Kim Data Entry and Google

I googled for two hours today and then I went into lab and finished the Moral Luck data entry for the initial study format this took about an hour. Next week I will start the data entry for the newly formatted experiment.

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