Olga’s Lab Hours 3/31

Today I did data entry from 10:30am-1:30pm (3 hours).

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kim’s hours.

I did an hour of research on Friday last week, and an hour of research on Monday this week. I worked today from 12-3 on Data entry for the Moral Luck lab. I also had an hour long research meeting with Dr. Lench on Tuesday.

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Marta 3/31

Today, I ran studies from 10am to 1:30 pm. More participants are showing up which is nice. Time goes by much faster when I get to be productive. Hopefully this trend will continue.

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Kristen Lab Hours- Catching up 3/22-3/26

3/22- Coded meta-analysis articles from 1:50-3:30

3/24- Ran Moral Luck Study from 8am-10am

3/26- Ran Moral luck Study from 8am-10am and coded meta-analysis articles from 4:00-4:30pm

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Olga’s lab hours 3/30

Today I ran my experiments from 1:00pm-5:00pm.

I also went to the weekly meeting this past Friday for one hour.

Hardly anybody came in today. Slow day.

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Marta’s Lab hours

Wow, I have totally forgotten to blog, oops!! on Wed, 3/10/10, due to it being the week before spring break, we had no participants. I cleaned around the lab and looked up articles for healthy eating interventions from 10am-1:30pm. Friday, 3/12/10, I did the same thing from 11-12. On monday, 3/22/10, i drove to college station with my spare car key because i lost my keys in austin. I had to wait for my apt office to open at 10am to get a key into my apartment. I did not make it into lab that morning but will make up for the hours this week. On Wed, 3/24/10, I ran studies from 10am-1:30pm. Today, 3/29/10, I coded stories, checked to see if we need any more copies (we are good for now), cut up credit slips, cleaned around the computers.

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Olga’s Hours 3/24/10

Today I was in the lab for data entry from 10:30am-1:30pm.

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Kim’s Hours

Today I did data entry for 3 hours for Moral Luck.

Monday I did 2.5 hours of research for the intervention, and on Tuesday I had the intervention meeting that lasted for 40 minutes.

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Olga’s Lab Hours 3/23

Today I ran labs from 1:00pm-5:00pm.

Everything was fine and went smoothly. I didn’t have a lot of people.

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Olga’s make up hours 3/22

Today I came to the lab to make up my hours from the week before spring break from 11:15am-1:15pm.

I mostly tried to look up successful eating habit interventions on the web.

But I mostly found the same ones I found for Kim. I emailed those to her last week during spring break. I might be searching for the wrong thing since I’m not quite sure what exactly they are looking for. But I tried to help.

I also looked up what self-monitoring consisted of, which includes diaries and monitoring  time  of day eating, calorie intake, fat content, and grams, etc.  But there is also self monitoring environments or situations as well that could cause a trigger for people to partake in unhealthy eating habits.  Self monitoring doesn’t have to just be about food intake or physical activity, there’s psychological area of self monitoring as well as self-weighing.  I thought it was very interesting. I bookmarked the page on the computer just in case somebody wanted to see it.  Again, I’m not even sure this is what the lab was looking for.

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