Hey everyone,

I’m returning from the summer, but for anyone new or whom I haven’t met, I’m Brody. I’m a senior, honors psyc major, phil minor from Port Arthur, TX. I’m 21 and I work at Antonio’s Pizza. My phone number is 409.963.9121.


My lab preferences are as follows:

1: running lab   2: data entry    3: coding


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Intro: Khang

Howdy all!

I’m the new kid in town, so to speak.

Very honored to be given this opportunity and very excited to begin the new year.

I’m in Houston right now but when I get into College Station I hope to properly meet everyone involved in the lab!

Until then,

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8/3 Brody

12:30pm-2:00pm – ran participants (6) and printed out paper to put in your box


Vegas till monday

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8/2 Brody

1:00pm-2:00pm – Checked to make sure study was working, moved boxes from office to Peter315

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