Megan 7/25


(Total time = 2 hours)

I looked through the loose Meta-Analysis papers and put the rejected ones in the filing cabinet. Afterwards, I put any outdated papers on top of the filing cabinet and labeled them “Return to Owners” so Dr. Lench can return them appropriately. For the last part of my time in the lab, I looked at the feedback I got Dr. Lench about organizing the filing cabinets and typed up a tentative organization outline for them.

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Megan 7/21

12:40pm – 2:10pm

(Total time = 1.5 hours)

First day of lab! I’m really looking forward to being a Research Assistant for Dr. Lench and learning what goes on behind the scenes of research.

Today, I went through the filing cabinet labeled “Active Studies” and created a word document detailing the contents of the filing cabinet. After doing this, I emailed the document to Dr. Lench and will hope to hear back from her on how she’d like it all organized. I am imagining an Office Depot run in the future to get a better filing system in order and I can’t wait! I love to organize so I’m really looking forward to improving the organization of the active studies drawer and I hope to help organize anything else that I can before the fall semester begins.

I have never done research before so I’m feeling really comforted by the fact that the summer is a bit slower. I’m excited to start coding videos and really spend some quality time getting acquainted in the lab.

I’m a senior here at Texas A&M University and planning on applying to graduate school this year. I’m looking forward to the experience this will give me but also for the insight. I am really interested by social psychology and I hope that this research will confirm my current thoughts in pursuing a Masters and a PhD in social psychology.

Wish me luck! 🙂

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