I am really looking forward to my first research lab experience! I know this contains no important or relevant information but I expect that to change the next time I blog.

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Megan 8/3

10:30-11am (Office Max)

(Total Time = 2 hours)

Yay! Today was such a productive day in the lab. I finally completed organizing the Active Studies drawer but it is so tempting for me to want to organize every drawer and shelf in the lab but I’m trying to have self control of my OCD at the moment – we’ll see how long it lasts! Now that the organization “project” is done, I’m excited to start coding data, etc.

Unfortunately, however, tomorrow will be my last day in the lab until classes pick up in the Fall. I can’t believe how fast the past few weeks have flown by but I’m very excited to start participating in the experiments and really getting into the swing of things! Hopefully I can make the most of lab time tomorrow.

I hope everyone has a great last few weeks of summer!

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Megan 8/2


(Total time = 1 hour)

Just came to the lab after class to count how many manilla folders I need to organize the cabinets and finish this up! About to head over to the psyc office and see if they can give me some manilla folders then heading to Office Depot to get the rest! Looking forward to coming back to the lab tomorrow and have a new and organized system!

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