John 9/30/11

Came in an hour early and Khang helped me set up again. Only had two participants 🙂 Both of them completed all of the studies minus 1. Whoop!

Shout out to Khang – Thanks a lot!!

10-2(4 hours)

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Khang Tran 09/30

I came in and helped John set up to run the studies. Worked on meta analysis stuff for most of the rest of the time.

Time: 10:10 – 12:12 (2 hours)

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Vladimir 9/29

1-2:30      Finished running the main study for Megan.

2:30-3:30    Ran Kathleen’s study.

Total: 2.5 hours

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Vladimir 9/28

11:30-12:30       Helped set up the main study for Megan

Total: 1 hour

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Megan 9/27-9/29

Oops… lapse in blogging memory. Sorry Talya 🙂 🙂

9/27  12-1pm (1 hour) – Got here barely in time but thanks to Natalie it was already set up! What a lifesaver!! Ran the first hour of the study and passed it off to Vlad without any issues! Yay!

9/28 11:45-2:45pm (3 hours) – Got here early enough to finish setting up for the lab… seriously grateful to have such incredible (and selfish!) research assistants who love to help set up for the next lab!! Ran the lab without any major issues but for some reason this seemed like the most chaotic running so far. Usually a rhythm sort of develops but either I was “off” my game or all the participants really were just going at such different and inconsistent paces! Either way, didn’t get nearly as far into the study as I normally do… one participant didn’t even get to run cheesecake… that never happens!! Also had to stop people in the middle of the attraction study – stinks for them! No skittles! After I was done with my study, we had our lab group meeting… I don’t ever blog those hours, hopefully I’m not supposed to! But Kelsey made delicious blueberry cupcakes with blueberry icing in honor of Dr. Lench, Shane, and Sarah all getting published! Congrats!! And thanks again Kelsey for DELISH cupcakes 🙂

9/29 12-2pm (2 hours) – Apparently I’m really struggling with being on time this week… got to the lab 10 minutes before I was supposed to start running. It all worked out fine but it made running the study pretty crazy at first… giving instructions to just run in the other room and weigh cheesecake! Vlad came in to take over my shift before 1 (thankfully!) so that I could run Talya’s study. I felt awful for Vlad!! He came in right as I was still in the mess of finishing prep work – so glad he is a nice and understanding person 🙂 Running Talya’s study went really well today! Only 2 people showed up and time management seemed to be going well for them until part C of her study – which happened to be the last section for my subjects. Unfortunately, my participants were still unable to finish the lab. I brought them into the lab right at noon and neither seemed to take an abnormal amount of time with any tasks so I’m not sure how we are getting such a variable in some participants finishing in time and others not. Maybe they were just taking a bit more time. I kept hoping if I waited to stop them they’d finish but once there were ten minutes left in the study and they needed to complete the survey, I knew I’d done my best and that I’d just have to shut down medialab. Sorry Talya 🙁 Regardless, still seemed like it went well over all!

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Natalie 9/29

Ok for some reason I totally forgot to blog this week so here it goes.. (sorry Talya, I know you hate when people do this)

Tuesday, 9/27 10:30-12 I had data entry. I coded cheesecake videos and then helped Megan set up for her study

                               2:15-4:45 I ran Talya’s study back to back. Some of the first group didn’t have time to finish, but all of the second group did.
                           Total: 4 hrs.

Wednesday, 9/28 3:45-5:15 I ran Talya’s study. We only had 4 participants because one person didn’t show up.
                          Total: 1.5 hrs.

Thursday, 9/29 8-11 I set up and ran the main study at 8:30. There was only one participant.

                          Total: 3 hrs.

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Kelsey — 9/28

10:00-1:30 (3.5)

Today I got here early to set up for Kathleen’s study and the first person went well. In my second thirty minute time slot however, two people were signed up to run so I had to finish one girl as fast as I could and then made sure the other guy could stay a little later. Everything with them worked out ok, except that it cut into my time to run Talya’s study so I couldn’t start it till 12:30. So, because they couldn’t be running 30 minutes late I only had them to the first 2 parts and then switched them to the survey. Monday I will be getting back from Georgia, so I won’t be here for my lab time, so I’ll have to find someone to cover for me if Kathleen and Tayla can’t cancel their study.

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John 9/28

Came in to do data entry. Helped Megan set up a little bit. Left an hour early to do some serious studying until the meeting. Worst blog ever….

12-1(1 hour)

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Khang Tran 09/27

Came in. Prepared and ran Kathleen’s study. There were two people set to run at 4:00 – 4:30 but the first person I ran did not finish as fast as I hoped, even though I started him early. I had to let the second participant go with but granted her credit for being there the whole time, waiting patiently. All the others went well.

Time: 2:15 – 5:00 (2.75 hours)

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Vladimir 9/27

12:45-3:15     Ran the main study with Megan and stayed after to clean up and fill out randomization sheets.

Total: 2.5 hours

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