Vladimir 3-4:30

3-4:30              Came in to find the main computer not working. Sent in an IT request and tried to wait for them to come in and fix it but they never did. And as I am writing this blog post, I just received an e-mail telling me the problem is that the power supply inside the computer has failed. Sounds… kinda bad? But Tyson says he will begin the process of getting a replacement, so that sounds good! Hope it gets solved before tomorrow!

Total: 1.5 hours

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John 10/31/11

It’s Halloween :O….
It would have been kinda funny to do the entire study under a sheet or something as a ghost costume…. Wouldn’t that be hilarious? Even though it would definitely affect some results lol.

Anyways… down to business.
Came in 30 minutes early to set up the main study. Everyone finished all the studies that I had them do. But we are definitely running out of studies. I hope everyone has a Happy Halloween day!

11:30-2 (2.5 hours)

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Kelsey Walker — 10/31

12:00-3:30 (3.5 hours)

Happy Halloween! Today I am finally feeling much better after missing both of my days last week! I still have a little cold but it’s better than it was. Kathleen’s and Tayla’s study are done so I just did data entry!

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Khang Tran 10/31

Came in and set up Kathleen’s study.

Ran the study for 3 participants. Everything went well except for a memory card issue. I didn’t have enough space to record the last participant and the other card was also filled.

After I ran the study, I dumped the data for one of the memory cards and put it into the camera.

Time: 10:15 – 12:00 (2.25 hours)

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Vladimir 10/26-27

10/26     11:30-12:30                      Ran Kathleen’s study for Kelsey. Then afterwards I helped John set up for the main study.

10/27     12:30-2:30                       Took over the main study from Natalie. Finished pretty early since there were few studies.


Total: 3 hours

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John 10/28

Came in 30 minutes early to set up the main study. Only had 4 parts to do. It wasn’t as fun as it sounds. But I got it done 😀

10:30-1(2.5 hours)

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Khang Tran 10/28

Came in and worked on meta.

Time: 10:00 – 12:15 (2.25 hours)

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Natalie 10/27

8-10 (2 hrs.) Set up and ran the main study. Had a couple problems because the new Qualtrics links were not on the computers in the 2 smaller rooms, but I worked around it. We finished early because we did not run the attraction, eating, or delay discount study.

12-12:30 (.5 hrs) Started running the main study until Vladimir got here.

Total: 2.5 hrs.

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Natalie 10/26

3:45-4:45 (1 hr) Coded cheesecake videos

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John 10/26/11

Came in at 11:15 to run the main study and got done early. All went as well as expected. I hope Kelsey is feeling better though 😀

11:15-2:30(3.25 hours)

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