Khang 01/27 & 01/31


Went to the lab meeting. ‘Twas a good meeting.


Came in and worked on meta. Kathleen’s study has not been approved yet so I worked on meta the whole time.

Time: 3:45 – 6:00 (2.25 hours)


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Kelsey Walker — 1/31

1/20- First Lab meeting — 1 hour
1/24–Training — 1 hour
1/30- 9:45-10:45 Data entry– cleared up the meta reject madness!
10:45-12:15–ran the main study, it’s a lot simpler than last semester! yay!
2:30-4:00 –Main Study

TOTAL: 6 Hours

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Jonathan Espenan 1/31

(11:30-2) 2.5 hours. Came in and did some data entries, then I ran the main study. It was very hectic but I had help so i survived.

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Vicki 1/31

12:30-1:45 (1.25 hours)   I came in today and worked on personality matches.

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Emily 1/30

came in and did emotional elicitations from 2-4


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Vicki 1/30

11:15-12:45 (1.5hours) Came in and entered personality matches.  I also added a few variables.  I entered the numbers straight from the randomization chart, but the numbers in the Eat column jumped from 826 to 1 on Ss 863.

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Natalie 1/30

8:15-10:45 (2.5 hrs) I came in early to set up for the main study. First one of the semester, whoop! Everything went very smoothly. I think this is the first time that all the participants finished all of the tasks on the first main study of the semester. Excited for this semester of lab!

1:15-2:30 (1.25 hrs) Worked on Sarah’s meta regarding JDM.

Total: 3.75 hrs

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Jonathan Espenan 1/30

9am-10am (1 hour) Came into lab and did some Emotion Elicitations. I was the last person to do 3 of them so they are finished! Muahahah. And then I emailed Dr. Lench to let her know.


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went to friday’s meeting (1 hour)

went to training monday from 1-3 :30 (2 and a half hours)

then went to training today, wednesday 3-4 (1 hour)

total: 4.5 hours

already love being a part of this lab!

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Khang 01/25

Came in for training on Kathleen’s study. We had fun.

3:00 – 4:00 (1 hour)

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