Wednesday (8-10)- Ran Main and looked up articles for Shane, (2-3) attended lab meeting

Total: 3 hours

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3/28/13 Loren

Today, I read articles for my 491 paper.

Total hours: 2

Total hours for week: 7

Woohoo, it’s a 3 day weekend!

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3-28-13 Melody

(2:00-4:00) Looked at stat jokes and read some psyc articles

Hours: 2
(Came in 30 minutes early to continue making up for the day I missed)

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3/27 3/28 Brittany

Lab meeting (3/27)

Coded chzck study 3 videos (3/28)



Total Hours: 3

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3/27/13 Loren

Today, I looked for psychology memes, and read an article for my 491 paper.

Happy Easter week?

Total hours today: 2

Weekly total: 5

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3-27-13 Melody

(11:30-3) Ran a participant through chzck, looked up stat/psyc jokes and memes, attended lab meeting
Hours: 3.5

In the spirit of Easter, I decided I would share that I am irrationally afraid of rabbits, but not just any rabbits… Flemish Giants. These terrifying creatures are real, they are out there, and they will probably eat you. Be afraid. Be safe over your Easter break and watch out for Flemish Giants!

Flemish Giant   Flemish Giant 2

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3/26/13 Loren

Today, I talked with Shane and Niki about letters of recommendation and grad school, ran one cheesecake participant who was very suspicious, and looked up psychology memes.

Total hours today: 3

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3/26.3/27.3/28- Niki

Tuesday: Ran participants for cheesecake until 2:00. Just thought I should point out that my shoes are a little noisy today so that’s why there’s a little bit of jingling in the videos from today… maybe that’s why my first participant stood me up today…. A girl named Beatrice may be afraid of jingling because it reminds her of a horrible childhood experience involving jingle bells and Christmas gnomes… (2 hours) And then I began looking up articles for Shane’s meta-analysis for the words “new experience”. (3 hours)

Wednesday: Lab meeting as usual. (1 hour)

Thursday: I decided to make up one of my hours from a few weeks ago, so I came in a little early (11:00) and worked on more articles for Shane’s meta-analysis. He said we have a new coding project brewing…pretty pumped about that. (3 hours)

Total hours: 9 hours

Happy Easter, y’all!

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3/25, 3/26- Emily

Monday (8-10)- Looked up articles for Shane, Tuesday(1-2)- Looked up articles for Shane

Total: 3 hours

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3/26 brittany

Ran Main Study and enetered data into spss

Total Hours: 3

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