This is a test….

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8/23 Samantha

test post!

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Hello everyone!

Hey y’all! Welcome to the blog!

Each time you come into the lab you’ll need to blog your hours here before you leave along with a quick description of what you did that day. The title should include your name and the date you are posting for. Also, please post your total hours for the week at the end of each post – look back at past posts for examples.

There is no wrong format or wrong way to do it as long as you have all the information present! This is how I will keep track of the work you put in so it’s important for you to post, if you miss a post before leaving then just hop on the blog later that day and post the info before you forget.

Other things welcome on the blog:
– Questions or concerns over something that happened during your time in the lab
– Communicating with other RAs about studies, projects, etc.
– Psychology jokes (lame or not)
– Funny pictures (specifically those involving cats)

Have a great weekend!


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