9/30/13 Bianca

Today I went to the lab meeting. Then I made copies for Shane’s study and coded data, lots and lots of data.
Hours Today:3

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Emily- 9/30

Ran Shane’s Study, Entered Cold Pressor Study One data

Total: 2 hours and 30 minutes

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9/30 Sam

Ran main study from 8-9am. Had one person show up for delay :/ But main study ran without a hitch!

Then I put in some extra coding hours to make up for some of the hours I’ll be missing next week when I’m in New York. 9-10:30 and then my normal 10:30-11:30. Did a test run for Shane’s study. And stapled a bunch of consent forms, woo!

And now it’s time for the lab meeting, where we’re going to discuss the article about cheating and it’s effect on affect. Interesting stuff!

Normal Hours: 2, Total: 2

Extra (Makeup) Hours (out of 6): 2.5

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9/27 Yolanda

Input the remaining chzck study 4 into SPSS. Shane is working non stop on finishing the Boredom study.

Hours: 0.45

Total for the week: 7.45

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Ran Main Study. I had one no show and one show up late. Everything else went smoothly! Happy Friday!!! Yay for the weekend! 🙂
Make-up Hours (3): 1
Total Hours: 8

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9/26 Yolanda

Ran Main study.  One more task for today-attend open house at my son’s school.   Life is good!

Total hours thus far-7


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Ran Main Study. The study went smoothly besides almost running out of consent forms. Luckily, participants did not want a second copy so I could offer it to others! Then Melody came to the rescue and printed more for Yolanda/ running tomorrow!
It’s almost Friday! A-WHOOP! 🙂
Hours: 3
Make-up Hours (3):1
Total Hours: 5

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9/26 Sam

Got to lab early and enjoyed discussing research ideas with Amanda. Set up for main study and then ran main study 11-1. Had one participant show up 30 mins late, but my other four had finished and I had 30 mins so I ran her and she finished with time to spare 🙂

Hours: 2.5, Total: 8

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Ran Main study and bounced ideas off Sam for research project, 2 hours
Total for week: 9 hours
Have a fabulous rest of the week and weekend everyone! 🙂

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Came in for coding, but everything looked entered. Tried to ask around to see what Shane needed us to do during coding hours. Looked over main study and protocol. Made credit sheets for running main tomorrow.

Hours: 1
Total Hours:2

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