Ashley H 12/9

Ran the last of choices study. The study went a little over the initial 200 participants. Everything went well!



1.5 hours

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Ashley H. 12/5

I ran choice study and  the anagram study.

Everything went well.



hours 7.5


total for week: 13hours

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For my coding hours, the consent forms were still organized from last week. So, I stepped outside and prepared for the confederate role in Replication. I ran Replication Tuesday and Wednesday, everything went smooth.

Friday, I ran Choices for the first time. It was quick but went well. Then I was the confederate for one Replication study.

coding .5
running: 2



running 1.5 hours


running 2 hours


total for week : 6 hours

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Ashley H. 12/4

I ran the choice study. Everything went well!



1 hour


Total: 5.5

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Rachel 12/4

I ran choices 2 the whole time. Though I did have quite a few late participants, everything ran smoothly and only one them was a no-show.

Hours: 2

Total for the week: 7

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12*04*2014 Mahalia

Well today I was in the lab but I had a major assignment to do so the lovely Jessica and Rachel took care of all the participants today for Choices 14F89.

Hours: 3

Thanks ladies!!!

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Jessica 12/4

On monday, no one showed up for any of my studies. So we set up even though no one was signed up and waited to see if anyone would come at the last minute. Today I ran 6 of the choices 2 studies. Everything ran smoothly. The study lasts about 30 minutes.

Total for week: 7 hours

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12/3- Amanda

Ran Choices today, everything went smoothly, 4.5 hours

Total for week: 7.5 hours

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12/3 Veronica

Ran anagram study today, only 2 participants. Everything went great!

Hrs: 2.5

Week total: 7 hrs

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Ashley H. 12/3

I ran the choices study. Everything went well, only had 2 participants not show out of 10.


1 hour


Total: 4.5 hours

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