paige 2-27-15

Today I didn’t have any participants so I started out checking over the coding of anagrams. Then once I went through those I entered in the one cold pressor 5 sheet we had accumulated since last entering them, then I checked any consent forms from current studies and moved the checked ones down to the second filing drawer. Then I took the last box to the shredder and shredded it.

today: 2 hours

this week: this week 7 hours because no meeting

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Today I worked from 10:30-12:30. I had two participants under the cold condition, and they both went smoothly. I could not do much coding in between since Ashley was already in the back coding videos. I just helped out around the lab where needed. Smooth running day!

Total Hours Worked This Week: 8

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Victoria 2/27

I missed two hours on 2/25 to go to the doctor for my knee, so I will be making those up over the next few times. Today I worked on data for the educational tracks and compared some of our classes to the health and development track for Stanford’s psyc department.

Today: 2.5 hours
Weekly: 4.5 hours
Makeup: 30 minutes out of 2 hours

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2-27-15 Kaitlyn Lyon

I was in the lab from 11:15-12:15. I imputed data into SPSS for the anagram study.

hours total this week:7

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Ivonne: Feb 26

For the first 30 minutes of time I had today, I worked on Tom’s new Excel sheet for Inclusive Class Time 2. All I got to do was organize it by entering student’s last 4 digits of their UIN.

The rest of the 2 hours, I began my research on UG tracks for Dr. Hull. It is very overwhelming finding a place to start, so I looked up at the course curriculum and the descriptions of all of the classes that the psychology department has and looked at the A&M Catalog for undergraduate students, which was very helpful. I ended with Google-ing top 30 psychology undergraduate programs in the US, so when I begin to look for other tracks in their universities and how they have things organized, I have that list to go back to!!

Hours for today: 2.5
Hours for the week: 6

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I worked from 1-5pm today. Was supposed to run studies until 3:30 but I had no participants. I coded the cold pressor videos the whole time and got about 18 videos coded. I had to take a 10 minute break at one point because it is just a little tiring. >< But it was a good day! I really want a cheesecake…

Total Hours Worked This Week: 6

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2-26-15 Alyssa

Today I was here for two hours. I was supposed to code the first hour and run studies the second hour, but there were no participants so I just continued my work from Tuesday onto today. I did article findings based on affective forecasting and related factors for Tom.

hour today: 2

hours this week: 7

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2/26/2015 Jessica

I was only scheduled to code today, so I have been working on obtaining information about procrastination for Tom.
Total hours for today: 2
Total hours this week: 7

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Ashley H. 2/26

My one participant did not show up so I coded the cheesecake videos.


2.5 hours

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2-25-15 Kaitlyn Lyon

I was in the lab from 3-6 today. I checked 10% of the data entered for one of the anagram studies. Then I shredded half of one of the boxes of paper and entered cold pressor (5) data. I also started the Replication Anagrams document in SPSS and started entering data.

hours today: 3
hours so far this week:6

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