Victoria 3/31

I did professional development (grad school advise) with Tom, Jessica, and Alyssa. I got some great information and hopefully can apply this to getting into graduate school!
Today: 1 hr
Weekly: 2 hrs

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3-31-15 Alyssa

Today I was in lab for three hours. I did more article searching for fMRIs and anxiety and Tom trained me on how to do the replication anagram study. I had two participants that I ran the function study on as well.

total hours today: 3

total hours this week: 5

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Ivonne Soto: March 31

I haven’t posted since last week, but I have been doing my research!! On Thursday, Monday, and Today, I have been working on Dr. Hull’s research. So far, I have organized all of my findings into an excel spread sheet and have written information on each school in a word document. The schools I have been focusing on is U Penn, U Chicago, UC Berkeley, U Illinois. There are 29 classes that all of these universities offer and I have separated them into 3 categories, and some overlap. I do want to meet up with Victoria and Valerie to see how far we have gone so far and what we can combine!

Hours for last Thursday: 1.5

Hours for last week: 5 hrs, with meeting 6 hrs

Monday: 2 hrs

Today: 2 hrs (made up half an hour I missed last week)

Week: 4 hrs

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3/31/15 Jessica

I came into the lab and started coding Kathleen’s Choices3 data. Then I ran two participants in the Function study and after that I began coding again. Once I completed¬†that data, I¬†looked for more articles involving fMRI studies that manipulate emotions.
Total hours today: 3
Total hours this week: 5

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paige 3/31/15

Today I came in and worked on coding for Kathleen’s cold pressor 3. Finished that and then searched for articles for fmri meta analysis when I wasn’t running participants.

today: 3 hours

this week: 5 hours

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3-30-15 Kaitlyn Lyon

I was in the lab from 2:45-5:45. I looked for articles for the fMRI meta analysis when I first got to the lab. After that I worked on coding data for Kathleen’s study on Promotion VS Prevention. I also trained with Tom for the replication study we are about to start.

Hours this week:3

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paige 3/30/15

Today I started coding something for kathleen, then had participants the rest of the time and trained for replication 3 with Tom.

today: 2 hours

this week: 2 hours

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Victoria 3/30

I emailed the professor whose class I would administer the post-test to. I also kept working on the research for Dr. Hull.
Today: 1 hour
Weekly: 1 hour

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Valerie 3/30

Today I emailed Dr. Arthur and Dr. Clifford about administrating the post test. I also began finalizing the information for Dr. Hull’s research.

Hours Today: 3
Weekly Hours: 3

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3/30/15 Jessica

I came in and coded Kathleen’s Choices 3 for number of intentions and what, where, when, and how the participants reached their intentions. Then I ran one participant in the cold study!
Total hours today: 2
Total this week: 2

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