4-30-15 Alyssa

Today was the last day of lab. We had no participants but I worked on professional development. Doing my project has helped me figure out more guided ways to look into the colleges I’m interested in so I worked on that today.

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Rhittika 4/30/15

Today I worked from 1-4. I asked Melody if I could take my last hour off since I had no participants, and I had already done extra hours this semester. I had two participants signed up for the cold pressor study and they both came. Both of them had to take their hands out of the cold water because they couldn’t handle the pain! Super weird.. But otherwise, coded videos after I was done running studies. Talked about yummy food with the RAs 🙂 Smooth day!

Today: 3 hrs

Total this week: 5 hrs

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Ivonne: April 30

I worked from 2-3:30 on Schlegel’s data. I put down the numbers and blacked out their names, but I haven’t input the data yet. I will make up my last hour tomorrow before lab to code as much as I can!

Day: 1.5 hrs

Week: 5 hrs

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4/30/15 Jessica

Last lab day 🙁 I coded intentions for Kathleen.
Total hours today: 2
Total this week: 7

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Ashley H. 4/30

I ran cold tolerance study and coded some cheesecake videos.

2.5 Hours

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4-29-15 Kaitlyn Lyon

I was in the lab from 2:45-5:45. I finished coding promotion versus prevention for choices 2 for cold tolerance. I also checked the most recent consent forms for cold tolerance and entered the most recent data for cold tolerance into SPSS.

Hours today: 3

Hours this week: 6

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Victoria 4/29

I finished entering the data for Arthur. It’s titled 203204pre post data. Just look at the last time it was saved (around this time).
Today: 2 hrs
Weekly: 4 hrs

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Christie 4/29

Today I was in the lab from 11-3:30. I ran one participant for cold tolerance and I also did professional development. During the professional development, I focused on how I can make myself a better candidate for an industrial organizational psychology masters program.

Total hours this week: 6:30

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LAST DAY IN THE LAB EVER (except for lab meeting on Friday)–this is how I feel 🙁 sad cat

Had 3 participants total and 1 no-show (really–on my last day?!), but all went well! 2.5 hours

Total hours for week: 5

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Valerie 4/29

Today I worked from 11:30-1:30. (I did four hours on Monday since I have a writing center appointment today at 2). I wrote each participant number on excel for Arthur’s data and blackened out all the names. I was not able to finish inputting their respones.

Some of these participants received a test with 13 questions and others with 20 questions. Dr. Lench said we’ll have to mark this somehow but did not specify.

Hours Today: 2
Weekly Hours: 6

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