Melissa 9/29/15 & 9/30/15

Yesterday I coded for an hour for the Meta-Analysis. It may be a lot of clicking back and forth, as well as search for the answers, but I believe that I am getting it down.

Today, I ran 3 participants from 3:00-4:30. Everything went well, and it was my first time ever to run the room temperature condition. It isn’t as fun as the other ones, but it’s still interesting to see people’s reactions when they figure out it isn’t ice water.

I coded as well from 4:30-5:30 and I was originally using firefox, and then it froze on me. So I switched over to use internet explorer, and the computer was still running rather slow. Firefox decided not to work after it froze up, even after I tried exiting out of the windows that were open. Although the computer was going slow today, I still managed to finish most of the article that I was coding for.

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9/30/15 Carolyn McMann

ran from 1-5:30. Everything went smoothly. One person in my last session did not show up. And I had to start my first participant 10 min late because of the other study running in the CR. other than that, everything went fine.

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9-30-15 Kaitlyn Lyon

I was in the lab from 12:45-2:45. I ran two sets of participants for the function study. I also made more copies of the function consent form, and I shredded paper in the Psychology building.


Hours this week: 4

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Kitson 9/30/2015

Today I was in the lab from 12-2. I ran for the first hour and had two no-shows. For the last hour I coded for the replication study.

hours for today: 2
hours for the week: 5

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Christie Cowan 9/30/15

Today I was in the lab from 9-1. I ran 7 participants for the NSF study. There was one no show. Only one of my participants started the post-survey because they took a long time to do the pre-survey. However, participants took less time to answer the questions in the microphone today because I am telling them they have two minutes to prep their answers and three minutes to answer the actual questions. All of my participants believed the deception, so that was good too.

Total hours in the lab this week: 6

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Brooke 9/30/15

I was in lab from 8:30-1 today.  I ran 8 participants for the low experiencers study.  When I got into the lab, the ice trays weren’t filled.  Some of them had cubes missing and some of the cubes that were filled were only halfway full.  The water was not cold enough, so I set it in the freezer.  When it was time to run my participants the water was still not cold enough, so I had to run them in water that was only 41 degrees.  I had one no-show for the first time slot.  After I ran all my participants, I coded for the meta analysis until it was time to leave!


Total hours today: 4.5

Total hours this week: 8

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9/29/15 Kaitlyn Lyon

I was in the lab from 2:45-4:45 today. I ran three groups of participants. I did forget to change the condition for one of the male participants in the second part of the function study, but I recorded it on the randomization chart. After I finished running participants I worked on the Replication Meta-Analysis coding.

Hours in lab this week: 2

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paige 9-29-15

Today I ran 5 participants in the IF study. Everything went smoothly although one guy tried to ask me what the experiment was about while he was doing the ice bucket so I had to be like “we can’t talk now but I can answer that question at the end of the study” so that was kind of awkward. Then I worked on the meta analysis coding.

today 2 hours

this week 5 hours

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Mariana 9/29/15

Today I ran 4 participants. They all showed up and the study started on time. Everything went well, they started the post-survey but did not finish it.

Hours today: 2

Hours this week: 5.5

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Ben 9.29.15

Today I was in the lab from 8-10 and then from 12:30-1:30. I ran the function weight study in the morning and then coded in the afternoon.

hours today: 3
hours this week: 3

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