Amanda 10-30-15

I was in the lab from 12:30 to 5. I ran two ski function experiments. There was also one no show but that was probably due to the tornado warning. I coded the first hour and the last thirty minutes of my time in the lab.


Hours today: 4.5

Hours this week (total): 7

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10/30 carolyn

Today I had to make up hours in the lab from last week. I came in from 12-2:30 and coded for the meta-analysis. Now my 7 hours for last week are completed. My hours for this week were completed yesterday.

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Kitson 10/30/15

Today I was in the lab from 11:30-1:30. I ran two participants for the skiing study and both went well. When I was not running I coded for the meta-analysis.

hours today: 2
hours this week: 7

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ben 10.29.15. – 10.30.15


On 10/29 I ran one participant in the skiing study and then coded for one hour.

today 10/30 I ran one participant in the skiing study, coded, stopped coding for a fire drill, and then I came back in and started coding because Peterson did not burn down. Dramatic day here in the lab.

hours today: 3
this week: 8

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Rhittika 10/29/15

Today I worked from 4-6 PM. I was running the replication study and both my participants showed up! We first ran the fast condition and then the slow one. Everything went smoothly, and Melissa was a great confederate!

IT’S ALMOST HALLOWEEN OMG!!!!!!! Have a safe weekend, everyone, and BTHO South Carolina!!!

Total today: 2 hrs

Total this week: 7 hrs

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10/29 carolyn

I forgot to log my hours yesterday. (10/28).
I coded for meta from 1 to 3. Then from 3-4 i ran one participant for skiing. Then from 4-5 I ran another participant for same study. From 5-5:30 I coded again.
I am also coming in tomorrow, friday morning to make up 2 and a half hours I missed from last week.

After yesteday, that makes 7 hours for this week. After tomorrow, will be 7 hours for last week as well.

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paige 10-29-15

Came in for a couple hours today and worked on coding for meta analysis

Got through a few articles in my time!

today 2 hours

this week 7 hours

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Mariana 10/29/15

Today I ran one participant for the NSF study. The participant was here on time. Everything went well, he finished the whole study and Paige was here to knock on the window.

Hours today: 1

Hours this week: 7

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10-29-15 Kaitlyn Lyon

I was in lab from 10-1 today. I ran three groups of participants for the skiing function study, and I spent my free time coding for the meta analysis.

Hours this week: 7
Hours today: 3

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Victoria 10/29

I finished the essay questions. Now I have my new assignments and will work on those next time!
Today: 3 hrs
Weekly: 6 hrs
Makeup 0 out of 3 hrs

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