Christie Cowan 11/30/15

Today I was in lab from 5-6. I was supposed to run the replication anagram III study, but no one was signed up for my slot. So instead I worked on my 491 research paper and assisted Carrie with her study.

Running total of hours this week: 1

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carolyn mcmann 11/30

ran function boredom, lasted 15 minutes. It was my first time running it, so I hope that 15 minutes was normal.

completed an hour and 30 minutes today.

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Rhittika 11/30/15

Today I worked from 9-12 PM and then from 3-5 PM. I had no participants in the morning so I coded what Dr. Lench had out for us. I created two SPSS files, one for the ski study and one for the function anagram study. Mariana and I finished coding the ski study data but there is still quite a bit to input for the anagram one. I will try and work on it on Thursday! I had one participant at 3 for Replication and it went smoothly. Today was mostly coding though. LAST WEEK OF LAB 🙁 🙁 🙁

Total Total: 5 hrs

Total This Week: 5 hrs

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Amanda 11-30-15

I was in the lab from 2:30-5:00

I was a confederate for a replication, coded, and ran two function boredom experiments. I only had one no-show. Function boredom just started today. It is a very easy medialab file and that’s it. Make sure the headphones are working because they will be watching a video.

hours today: 2.5

hours this week: 2.5

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paige 11-30-15

Today I came in and ran Object Identification 2 three times. Two no-shows the first time.  Also one guy did the function boredom study immediately after doing the object identification. The first group I ran, one guy either closed out of the program or there was a glitch but he finished the direct RT part 15 or so minutes before everyone else. Also I noticed it was hard for people to finish the survey. I had several people not finish at all and most finished only 2 mins or so before the time was up.

today 3 hours

this week 3 hours

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carolyn mcmann 11/30

Today I was supposed to a confederate at 1:30, It was a no show. I coded until 2:30. and will be back at 5:30 to run boredom till 6. This will complete 1 and a half hours out of 7 for the week!

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Mariana 11/30/15

Today I was in lab from 9:00-12:00 and from 1:30-2:30. My time slots did not have participants signed up so I began checking consent forms and coded the results for the ski study.

Hours today: 4

Hours this week: 4

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Brooke 11/30

I was in lab today from 9-12.  I ran 12 participants in the new object identification 2 study; everything went smoothly.  While my participants were running, I helped Rhittika make an SPSS coding sheet for the Skii study and helped teach Mariana how to code in it.  I also counted and checked consent forms and cut credit slips for the object identification 2 study.


Total hours today: 3

This week: 3

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Mariana 11/19/15

I just realized I forgot to blog my hours on Thursday November 19, 2015. That day I was in lab from 1:00-2:00 and had one hour of coding.

Hours: 1

Hours that week: 7

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Amy Lai 11/20

On Monday morning and afternoon I coded, most of the basic coding has been done, so i was just checking over the excel sheet and adding some that hasn’t been added.

On Wednesday morning, I ran an object identification study. Everything went smoothly. Participants all followed the instructions even though they seemed bored. There was one participant that kept coming out to ask me question about the task. On Wednesday afternoon, I coded for another 1.5 hours and ran another object identification study.
On Thursday, I coded for another 1.5 hour. I double checked the information and adding some that hasn’t been coded

total hours: 7

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