Amanda 12-4-15

I was in the lab from 12:30-5:00

I coded for Function Anagram and ran three Function Ski experiments. Everything went smoothly. Function Anagram coding is now complete.


hours this today: 4.5

hours this week: 7


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Kitson 12/4/15

Today I was in the lab from 11:30-1:30. I ran the skiing study twice and everything went smoothly. Afterwards, I coded for the function anagram coding.

hours today:2
hours for the week: 7

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Rhittika 12/3/15 LAST DAY :(

Today I worked from 4-6 PM. It was just another day #LenchLab… Ran the replication study with Melissa as my confederate, both my participants came, everything ran smoothly. In between the studies, I realized that I had done all my coding for the meta analysis on separate documents, so I inputted my coding into the shared Google doc. I also organized some of the papers here (there were papers everywhere!!), but that’s all I really had time to do. It has been great working with everyone in this lab, and I am really going to miss coming in here every week to run these interesting studies!! Good luck to everyone with finals, and please keep in touch <3

Total Today: 2 hrs

Total This Week: 5 hrs

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paige 12-3-15

today I came in and ran two groups through object identification. the first group two people came in 10 mins late and seemed pretty upset that I wouldn’t run then, but the study was so long I knew they wouldn’t be able to finish if they started that late. Second group went smoothly. I still feel bad for how bored they all seem, haha! Good last shift in lab!

Today 2 hours

this week 7 hours

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ben 12.1.15 & 12.3.15

On tuesday the 1st I ran two sets of participants in the object identification study from 8-10. Then I came back from 12:30-1:30 to help be a confederate for the replication study. Today, the 3rd, I ran two sets of participants again — but this time Direct RT crashed on the third and fourth computer during the second set of participants.

hours this week: 5

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Mariana 12/3/15

Today I was in lab from 1:00-2:00. I ran 5 participants for the function boredom study, one participant did not show up. It was my first time running this study but I had time to read over the protocol and prepare the computers. Everything went well.

Hours today: 1

Hours this week: 7

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12-3-15 Kaitlyn Lyon

I was in the lab from 9:45 – 12:45. I ran three participants for the skiing function study. Today was last day in lab! I’ve really enjoyed my time in lab.

Hours today: 3

Hours this week: 5

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Victoria 12/3/15

I emailed Dr. Lench all the educational assessment files. The physical data are in the desk cabinet/drawer in Tom’s little room. The answer key and a blank copy of the test is also in the olive green folder. Thank you for the experience and helping me figure out what I want to do with my life haha. I am so grateful for my time in this lab:)
Today: 3 hrs
Weekly: 6 hrs
Last day of lab!

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Anna Clark 12/03/15

Howdy!  Today I ran one participant through the Ski Function study and 16 participants through the Function Boredom Study.

Hours today: 3 hours

Hours this week: 7 hours

I enjoyed running participants with you guys!

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Christie Cowan 12/3/15

Today I was in the lab from 8-9 and I did the function anagram coding. Today was my last day in lab ever! 🙁

Total hours this week: 7

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