Isabel Santos 09/30/16

Today I was scheduled to be in lab from 1:30-4:30 running NSF the whole time. My first participant of the day was a no-show so during this hour I was working on the birthday board. My last 2 participants did show up, the second ran smoothly but with the last one we were having internet troubles with the second survey. The participant ended up taking the survey on one of the run room computers.


hours today:3

Hours this week: 7

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Abby Hotchkiss 9/30

Today I ran 4 study’s and checked for any blank Object Identification papers in file.

Today: 2 1/2 hours

This week: 7 hours

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Erin Cloud 9/30/16

Today, I ran NSF from 12:30 to 1:30.

Hours today: 2

Hours this week: 7

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Ashley R. Bradley 093016

Came up with the final edits for the birthday board that should be completed next week and ran two Momentum studies. Ran 5/8 people so I had a few no-shows, but it was still a pleasant day, Happy Friday to all! 🙂

Hours Today: 2

Hours This Week: 7

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Cienna Hancock 9/30/16

I was in the lab from 8:30-11:30 today. I ran one NSF study and coded the 5-point response sheets for the other two hours. Everything ran smoothly!

Hours Today: 3

Hours This Week: 8

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Madison Meek 9/30/16

Today, I proofread the new NSF part 2 protocol, did a coding task for the momentum study, did a creative coding task for Zari and ran two rounds of participants through momentum.  Everyone showed up and everything went well!

Hours today: 2.0

Hours this week: 7.0

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Madison Meek 9/28/16

I ran one round of participants through momentum and everything went smoothly! I helped Zari edit the new NSF statements and then did coding for the NSF online study for the rest of the time!

Hours today: 2.5

Hours this week: 5.0

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Kitson Fox 9/29/2016

Today I was in the lab from 2-5. I worked on the literature review and looked up new articles using the keyword “goal setting” paired with “motivation” and “effort”. The articles that came up with this search did not provide articles that could be used. After this search I began reading and highlighting an article.

hours today: 2
hours for the week: 2

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Ashley R. Bradley 092916

I did coding tasks today and ran three momentum studies. There was a couple of no-shows but overall today was a good day.

Hours Today: 2.50
Hours This Week: 5

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Cameron McCann 9/29/16

I was in lab from 12-4. I ran 4 participants in the NSF study. My second and third participant were not able to finish the second survey.


Hours today: 4

Hours this week: 7

Posted in RA Communication at 03:07by cameron_mccann

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