Carolina Jimenez 09/26/17

Today  I ran two participants in the frequency protocol. Everything went smoothly, except for the AC not working. I left after this and will use one of my coding hours from the summer to replace it.

Hours today: 2 (technically 3)

Hours this week: 5

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Cameron McCann 9/26/2017

Today I was in lab from 8-12 pm. There wasn’t a participant signed up for the 8-9 time slot. So I decided to do my cleaning duties and read some of the research article we will discuss at the lab meeting on Friday. I ran a participant in the NSF study from 9-10 and did not have any problems.  Then I searched for research articles for my research project for the remainder of the time.

Hours today: 4 hrs

Hours this week: 4 hrs

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Carlos Aleman 09/26/17

Today I was in lab from 9:30-11:30. My participant took up their entire time but still finished on time. Everything went smoothly but room temperature was definitely hotter than normal at 78 degrees Fahrenheit. During coding time I worked on my literature review for my research project. It was a productive, happy, and hot day in lab.

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Mariana Vazquez 9/25/17

Today I was in lab from 3:00-5:00PM. I ran two participants, both participants showed up on time. During the first study, the door got stuck, it took a few tries to open it. In the second study, a baby cried for a while during the first part of the experiment. The baby’s cry was heard even in the adjoining room. I wrote down those details on the randomization chart. Besides that, the studies went well.

Hours today: 2

Hours this week: 2


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Haley Hester 09/25/2017

Today I came in on my off day to help serve as confederate for three studies, one for Abby and two for Marianna for a total of three extra coding hours.  I worked on labeling a box and updating the information in the spread sheet in our Google Team Drive.  I love being able to help out my group!  Have a great week everyone and good luck on upcoming exams!  No Monday blues here 🙂

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Hadiya Mahmood 9/25/17

Today I ran one participant and had one no-show. During my coding hour, I coded an older study’s suspicion checks.

Hours Today: 3

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Carolina Jimenez 09/25/17

Today I ran one participant and during my coding hour I read Dr. Lench’s article. During the study, when my confederate knocked I could not get the door open again, so I had to knock back so that she could open the door for me. Other than that, everything went well!

Hours Today: 2

Hours this week: 2

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Sydney Stevens 9/22/2017

Today I came into the lab early to continue making up my lab hours that I missed two weeks ago. I spent the first hour coding; for this I went through box E and updated the google doc. Since Cienna was out taking her GRE, I ran a participant during the second hour rather than code. I ran two more participants today for the last two hours in lab. All my participants went well. After the debriefing for my final participant, she said that she did an experiment just like this yesterday except they were supposedly interviewing for a job. During the breaks for my final participant, I counted the signed consent forms for the week and recorded the amount. I also did my weekly Friday job of restarting all computers in the lab. Overall, my lab time today went smoothly.


Hours Today: 4

Makeup Hours Completed: 2

Total Hours this Week: 8

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Sydney Alford 09/22/2017

I was in the lab from 8-9 and 10-12 today. I ran two participants and I also sorted through bins L and B with Haley as my coding task. Everything went great!

Hours today: 3
Hours this week: 7

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Haley Hester 09/22/2017

Today was an amazing and very informative day in lab, as we had our panel of graduate students come speak during our weekly lab meeting hours!  I learned so much extra information that will be helpful when it comes time for me to start applying to graduate programs soon.  I took notes for my own resources to look back and remind myself of the information that I learned and I will share my notes with some other lab members that were out today.  Sydney A. and I moved the folders from one file cabinet above to the draw below it and vice versa so that the bulk of the information for our current study will be easier to reach for simpler accessibility.  I also entered more information for a box in the file cabinet and helped Sydney A. label and organize another box for my coding task.  Until next time 🙂

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