Sydney Alford 9/29/17

Today I coded from 8-9 and ran participants from 10-12. I helped Haley label 2 bins for the coding task. Everything went great!

Hours today: 3
Hours this week: 7

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Sydney Stevens 9/29/2017

Today I worked in the lab from 1:00-5:00. I am currently on hour three out of four of my makeup hours (woohoo!!)! For the first two hours I coded; for this, I worked on finding information about our lab alumni. I found several email addresses and phone numbers but was unable to reach out to any of them today. For the final two hours, I ran two participants. Both went very smoothly. The second participant seemed genuinely upset after reading the rejection letter so I think that the manipulation was successful on her! I also counted the consent forms and restarted all the computers in the lab.


Hours Today: 4

Makeup Hours Completed: 3

Total Hours This Week: 8

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Cameron McCann

Today I was in lab early reading research articles before my shift. Then I ran 3 participants from 12-3 pm. The second participant was not able to complete the second survey. Everything else went well.


Hours today: 3 hrs

Hours this week: 7 hrs


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Cienna Hancock 9/25/17-9/29/17

This week in lab I ran 1 participant Monday, 2 participants Tuesday, and 1 participant Wednesday. Thursday I was a confederate for two of Haley’s studies. Today, I worked on inter-rater reliability coding instead of running to allow the importance substudy to catch up on participants.

Hours Today: 1

Hours This Week: 7

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Abigail Ramos 9/27/17

Today I was in the lab from 11:30-2. I was Erin’s confederate and had one participant. Everything ran smoothly.


Hours today: 2 hrs 30 min

Hours this week: 7 hrs 10 min

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Abigail Ramos 9/25/17

Today I was in the lab from 11:30-4:10. Haley came in on her free time to be my confederate (thanks you the realist). everything ran smoothly and we had a good day in the lab.


Hours today: 4 hrs 40 min


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Haley Hester 09/28/2017

Today was quite a productive and educational day in the lab.  I was able to read an article during my coding hour that our lab team will discuss at tomorrow’s morning meeting.  I also ran two participants and both studies went very smooth.  I am looking forward to tomorrow’s discussion regarding the article about emotions!

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Stephanie Espinal 9/28/17

Today I created a template for the alumni emails that we are sending to old lab members and I ran two participants. Everything ran perfectly!

Hour today: 3.5

Hours this week: 7


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Carolina Jimenez 09/28/17

Today I ran a participant in the frequency protocol and it went smoothly. Today is also Zari’s birthday, woo! Happy birthday Zari, enjoy your day!

Total hours today: 2

Total hours this week: 7

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Sydney Stevens 9/28/2017

Today I was in the lab from 8:00-12:00. There was not a participant scheduled for the first time slot so I worked on sorting through some of the bins. Additionally, the participant scheduled for the second time slot cancelled this morning so I continued to work on the bins. Carlos and I also completed sorting through the second drawer of the beige file cabinet in the reception room. I then researched a bit to decide what I want to do for the final presentation at the end of the semester. For the final hour of lab, I ran a participant for the importance substudy. Everything went smoothly.


Hours Today: 4

Hours This Week: 4

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