Haley Hester 01/29/2018

Hey everybody!  Today was a very productive day in lab!  I cut some credit slips for the Mars study.  I also ran ten different mock studies for Mars to practice in order to see how we can get more robustness percentage conditions instead of the maximize condition.  I continued to update the lab alumni information as my additional coding task.  We took our lab picture for the semester!  We all learned what the word “exsanguinate” means.  We will also be learning and posting some new words to help our research assistants practice for the GRE.  I made sure to restart all of the computers in our area.  I also ran one Mars study with two participants and everything went really smooth!  I look forward to running more studies in the lab for this semester!


Total Hours for Today:  4

Total Hours for the Week:  4

Total Hours for the Semester:  11

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Carlos Aleman 01/29/2018

Today I was in lab for four hours. I worked on Awe-Meta Analyses and we are almost finished with the ProQuest searches! On my coding time I worked on wrapping up some citations for my independent research project. It was a super productive lab day. Happy Monday!

Hours Today: 4

Hours this week: 4

Hours this semester: 11

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Brittany Grimshaw 1/29/2018

Today I ran my first experiment with four people participating in the love study. Everything went pretty smoothly and all participants showed up to their designated time. I also helped Zari in making a spreadsheet that included all of the emails of participants in the Pre-Screening who specified that they were engineering majors.

Total Hours for the Week: 4

Total Hours for Today: 4

Total Hours for the Semester: 11.5

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Cameron McCann 1/25/2018

Today in lab I worked on editing the methods section of my paper from 8:30 P.M. to 12 P.M. Then I returned to lab at 2:30 P.M., which I helped Wan clean the room for the Love study. After that I helped Haley edit the randomization she for the Mars study and helped think of ways to have the engineering students sign up for the Mars study till 5 P.M.


Hours today: 6 hrs

Hours this week: 9.5 hrs

Hours this semester: 9.5 hrs

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Haley Hester 01/25/2018

Howdy all!  Today I coded for my shift, which consisted of editing the Protocol for the Mars Study and adding in some useful points that were previously written in and editing the Credit Slips for the Mars Study.  I also worked with Cameron to edit the Randomization Sheet and brainstorm ways for participants to sign-up so that we only get Engineering majors.  We printed these updated forms out so that they can be used next week when we start running the Mars Study again!  Good luck to everyone on running the studies next week and I know this will be a great semester!


Total Hours for Today:  3

Total Hours for the Week:  7

Total Hours for the Semester:  7

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Sydney Stevens 1/25/2018

Today I came into lab from 11:30-3:00. I didn’t realize that my lab time was supposed to end at 2:30 so I stayed an extra hour. I worked on meta-analysis for the entire time. Overall, lab went well today; I was very productive!


Hours Today: 3.5

Hours This Week: 9

Semester Total: 9

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Hadiya Mahmood 1/25/18

Today I was in lab from 12-1:30. I continued on my coding task for the Replication meta-analysis.

Hours today: 1.5

Hours this week: 7

Hours this semester: 7

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Hadiya Mahmood 1/24/18

Today I was in lab from 12:30 – 5, and went over the Love protocol. For my coding task, I looked at discrepancies between coders for the Replication meta-analysis. I forgot to record my hours for the MARS training (1/23/18, 11-12).

Hours today: 4.5

Hours this week: 5.5

Hours this semester: 5.5

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Cameron McCann 1/24/18

Today I was in the lab from 11 A.M. to 2:30 P.M. I learned how to run the Love study with Hadiya, Kristen, and Wan. Then I practiced running it before leaving.


Hours today: 3.5 hrs

Hours this week: 3.5 hrs

Hours this semester: 3.5 hrs

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Kristen Akin 1/24/2018

Today I was trained on the love study with Hadiya and Cameron.


Total Hours for Today: 2

Total Hours for the week: 7

Total Hours for the Semester: 7

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