Haley Hester 04/30/2018

Last day in lab!  It is bittersweet!  I ran three love studies, the rest were no-shows or no sign-ups.  Luckily, we were able to hit exactly 100 participants for Love!  I came to lab early to print out my notes for my presentation and get things set-up for Love.  I coded during the time I was not running.  I worked on Replication Meta-Analysis.  I also learned how to zip data folders for both BART and MediaLab for Wan and I emailed them to him, but that did not work because the data was too great, so I added it in the GoogleDrive for him.  I restarted all of the computers in our area.  This is my last day in lab ever and I am sad to go, yet excited for what my future holds!  Good luck to everyone in your future endeavors and I have deeply enjoyed working in lab with you and learning many things from Dr. Lench!


Total Hours for Today:  4.5

Total Hours for the Week:  4.5

Total Hours for the Semester:  83.75

Total Hours for This Semester and Roll-Over Hours from Last Semester Combined:  97.25

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Carlos Aleman 04/30/2018

Today I was in lab for four hours. During my time I finished coding the last two outcomes for Meta Analysis. I also had my final thesis approved structurally by the LAUNCH staff and sent it to Dr. Lench for her final approval. After that I started studying for my finals for the remainder of the time.

Hours today: 4

Hours this week: 4

Hours this semester: 95

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Brittany Grimshaw 4/30/2018

Today I was in lab from 8-12pm. During the first 30 minutes I prepared to run the Love participants that I had signed up today and I also wrote the GRE word of the day on the board. I ran three participants and the first two went well, but the last one was an unexcused no-show. I then worked on Meta to fill in the last two articles that needed to be coded, however one more person still has to be the second coder on the vastness moderators.

Total Hours for the Week: 4

Total Hours for Today: 4

Total Hours for the Semester: 95.5

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Sydney Stevens 4/26/2018

Today I was in lab from 11:30-1:30. I ran one participant for Love at 11:30, did not have anyone signed up for the next two time slots, and had a no-show for the last time slot. I then counted consent forms for both Love and Mars. Since I have extra hours, Zari told me I could leave early. Overall, lab went well today.

Hours Today: 2

Total Hours This Week: 5

Total Hours This Semester: 93

Total Hours Including Last Semester: 198.5

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Haley Hester 04/26/2018

Howdy everybody!

I practiced my slideshow presentation with Wan today that I will be performing this Monday!  He was extremely helpful and insightful on things to edit on my slides and adding in some crucial information in other slides.  I am sad that lab is ending so soon, but I am grateful for my time here and appreciative of everyone involved in the lab!

Total Hours for Today:  45 minutes

Total Hours for the Week:  4.45

Total Hours for the Semester:  79.25

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Carolina Jimenez 4/ 16, 17, 23, 24 /2018

I apologize for not blogging my hours from last week or this week! Last week Zari and I changed my coding hours on Tuesday’s from 8:00 – 9:30 to 12:30 – 2:00 for a more efficient work. Running the Love study has been very smooth, I have only had a couple of no-shows considering it’s the end of the semester and people are trying to get their credits in. Dr. Lench, Zari, and I continued to discuss the ER Visits research and I continued with looking for the best datasets. The biggest issue I am coming across is not having recent data, rather the most recent conclusive data that I can find is from 2015. On this coming Monday I will not be able to run my Love study shifts because I will be driving to Houston and back but Haley will take over those, thank you so much Haley! But I will be able to make the lab meeting and see everyone’s presentations! Looking forward to our lab lunch on Wednesday the 2nd!! 🙂

Hours this week: 7 hours

Hours total this semester: 77 hours (+8 rollover hours): 85 hours

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Hadiya Mahmood 4/25/18

I forgot to post last week. From 12:30-2:30 I ran Love and presented my Mindfulness presentation to Zari. I am going to add the two hours below.

Today I was in lab from 12:30-2:30, ran one participant for Love, and had one no-show. I finished my coding task for the Replication meta, which was resolving discrepancies between coders so that the data could be combined to a variable.

Hours today: 2

Hours this week: 2

Hours this semester: 90.5

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Kristen Akin 4/25/2018

Today I was in lab from 8-11:30 am. I finished my presentation this morning on Mental Health Issues in Long-Term Solitary and “Supermax” Confinement. I attempted to run a person for Mars at 9, but they were an unexcused no-show. I then ran a participant for Love at 9:30 for Erin who was presenting for Zari. I then presented for Zari and Wan at 10:30 and got feedback to help my presentation run smoother and look better.


Total Hours for Today: 3.5

Total Hours for the week: 6

Total Hours for the Semester: 91

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Stephanie Espinal 4/25/18

Today I was in lab from 10am to 12am. During this time I was able to practice presenting the article Having Less, Giving More: The Influence of Social Class on Prosocial Behavior to Zari. The research in the study examined how social class influences prosocial behavior. The study was influenced by existing research that supports the hypothesis that lower class individuals are more charitable than upper class individuals. When I was done presenting, Zari gave me some great feedback on how to improve my presentation and presentation skills. After that I worked on fixing my presentation because all the coding for the Awe Meta analysis had been completed.

Hours today: 2

Hours this week: 2

Hours this semester: 26.5

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Stephanie Espinal 4/17/18

Today I was in lab from 9am to 11am. During this time I continued to work on the Awe meta analysis and coded for moderators of interest.

Hours today: 2

Hours this week: 2

Hours this semester: 24.5

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