Sydney Stevens 2/13/18

Today I came into lab from 12:00-3:00. Carolina was sick so I covered her Love study at 12:00. I worked on Meta-Analysis for the rest of my shift. Overall, lab went well today.


Hours Today: 3

Total Hours This Week: 3

Total Hours This Semester: 26.5

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Carlos Aleman 02/13/2018

Today I was in lab from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm. I worked on Awe-Meta analysis for an hour, ran a love participant, and then during coding studied for an exam. It was a productive day of lab. Happy Tuesday!

Hours today: 3

Hours this week: 7

Hours this semester: 28

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Kristen Akin 2/13/2018

Today I was in lab from 8:00-11:30. I read more of the boredom article, and Stephanie and I are training with Ken for the new Awe Meta-Analysis protocol at 11:30.


Total Hours for Today: 3.5

Total Hours for the week: 3.5

Total Hours for the Semester: 24.5

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Sydney Stevens 2/8/18

Today I came to lab from 11:30am-3:30pm. I ran four participants for Love from 11:30-1:30. The rest of my shift was supposed to be for meta-analysis but we were still holding off so I worked on other coding tasks. During the last thirty minutes I trained with Ken for the updated meta-analysis protocol. Overall lab went well today.


Hours Today: 4

Hours This Week: 7

Semester Total: 23.5

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Haley Hester 02/12/2018

Happy Monday, everybody!

Today was a very productive day in lab!  I ran three Love studies for Carolina who was out sick (@Carolina, I hope you feel better!) and they went very smooth!  I had no one sign up for my Mars study time, so I coded.  I continued updating the lab alumni page for the website.  In addition, I restarted all of the computers in our area.  I also added a GRE Word of the Day on the board for tomorrow!  I also got some more reading done for the assigned reading that will take place next lab meeting.  I hope everyone has a happy and productive week!  Good luck with your first round of exams!


Total Hours for Today:  4

Total Hours for the Week:  4

Total Hours for the Semester:  25

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Carlos Aleman 02/12/2018

Today I was in lab for four hours. I spent one hour on my coding task which was working on my abstract for my independent project, and then the rest of the three hours doing Awe-Meta Analysis. Reading the abstracts for the cited sources has some intriguing information. I am feeling ebullient after this productive shift. Have a wonderful week of lab everybody!

Hours today: 4

Hours this week: 4

Hours this semester: 25

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Brittany Grimshaw 2/12/2018

I am really ready for warmer weather. Today I was signed up to run four love participants (one being Carolina’s since she is sick), however I had one unexcused absence. The other three participants went smoothly.

Total Hours for the Week: 4

Total Hours for Today: 4

Total Hours for the Semester: 26

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Roll Over Hours from Fall 2017

Hello Lab Team,

Thank you for blogging! Recording what study(ies) you ran, details about your coding task(s), anything of note, shift hours, weekly hours, and semester hours is super helpful! Dr. Lench refers back to the blog for writing letters of recommendation, and we have used it for study reference. The more detail in your blog post the better.

If you are enrolled in lab as a 3 credit course you should be in lab for 7 hrs/week. I keep track of our weekly lab meeting separately.

Fall 2017 we kept track of hours when the subject pool was running. From 9/11/17 – 12/6/17 RA’s should have had 84 hours. If you were a little bit over or under don’t worry, we just want to make sure there is not a huge discrepancy among RAs. If you were asked by Ken, Wan, or myself to work extra shifts coding or running participants outside of your normal lab hours then you can take your final hour count from Fall 2017 and subtract 84 to find the number of “rollover hours” that you can add to your spring hour count. 🙂

Let me (Zari) know during which coding slots you would like to redeem your hard earned rollover hours!

FYI: Spring 2018 hours to date should be: 21.

This calculation comes from starting our full time hours on Monday, 1/22 for training and coding week. 7 hr X 3 weeks = 21 hrs.

If you are taking a 1 credit, than your total should be 6 hrs.

Keep up the good work!



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Cameron McCann 2/8/18

Today I was in lab from 8:30 A.M. to 12 P.M. For the first 30 minutes of my shift I set up my materials for the Love study and analyzed some of the Mars data. I ran three sessions of the Love study with no problems. Then, for the last hour and a half, I kept analyzing data. I had to go to class after that, but came back to analyze more data and meet with Wan to talk about it all.


Hours today: 3.5 hrs

Hours this week: 7 hrs

Hours this semester: 23.5 hrs

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Haley Hester 02/08/2018

Howdy everybody!  I ran one Mars study that went very smooth!  I also finished updating and editing a GRE word list and added a GRE word of the day on the board for tomorrow!  In addition, I started updating the contact lab alumni information onto the website.  I also restarted all of the computers in our area for my weekly coding Thursday closing task.  I hope everyone has a great weekend and I look forward to our Monday meeting!


Total Hours for Today:  3

Total Hours for the Week:  7

Total Hours for the Semester:  21

Posted in RA Communication at 05:14by Haley Hester

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